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Michele Bachmann Says ‘Cruel’ Biden Wants to Snatch Toddlers From Their Mothers and ‘Indoctrinate’ Them

While President Joe Biden was speaking before a joint session of Congress Wednesday, televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s Victory Channel aired a special edition of its Victory News at the same time, according to Right Wing Watch. Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was on hand, accompanied by other commentators, and unsurprisingly, she had all sorts of dire news relating to Biden’s speech, which she called “cruel,” and then went on to once again declare Biden is a fake president and followed that up by saying the speech smacked of the “invasion of the zombie apocalypse.”

I’ve heard bad presidential speeches before. Her Messiah, Donald Trump gave a number of them. Biden’s speech before the country might not have been perfect, per CNN, but it was warming and welcoming, especially after so many years of bellicose rants by Trump.

But Bachmann is stuck on repeat and she claims the whole thing is bogus.

“This is a fake State of the Union speech,” she said right before Biden gets started. “What we’re watching is a coup. It’s my opinion that the election was irregular, we didn’t have a true election result. We had a fake election. We’ve had a fake presidency. This is a fake State of the Union address.”

She also had some choice commentary after Biden wrapped things up.

“With all due respect, it was the invasion of the Zombie apocalypse, as far as I’m concerned,” Bachmann said. “It was probably one of the most sad, depressing speeches I’ve ever heard.”

But then she really brought the crazitude, suggesting those nefarious LGBTQ+ folks were up to something. Remember, this is Michele Bachmann, after all. You don’t get to listen to one of her speeches without learning new things about wacky people.

“Quite honestly, the word that I have for his speech: It’s cruel,” she said. “What he’s intending for the American people, the result is cruel. … I think one of the most cruel aspects of what he’s proposing is snatching 3- and 4- year olds out of their parents’ arms, putting them in government-run preschools [where] they’ll be learning critical race theory. I’ve observed this curriculum. I’ve seen this curriculum that they’re planning to use with little 3- and 4- year olds. It’s the LGBTQ curriculum. It is the critical race theory. Our little children will be indoctrinated before they even get to kindergarten.”

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Biden’s speech focused on the things that make us Americans. He emphasized “we” over “me.” Something his predecessor didn’t know how to do. His words were inclusive and encompassing.

“Our Constitution opens with the words, as trite as it sounds, ‘We the People.’ It’s time to remember that we the people are the government. You and I,” he said. “Not some force in a distant capital. Not some powerful force that we have no control over. It’s us. It’s we the people.”

I’m not sure where the zombies fit in here but you can see what Bachmann has to say in the clip below.

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