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Trump Biographer Says That ‘Needy’ Trump Has Officially Entered His ‘Fat Elvis Period’

Once in a while, a writer runs up against an analogy so perfect that one just wants to give up. So we’ll get to how it is that the “fat Elvis” thing is so perfect while going through other great observations and why they matter.

Obviously, Trump has nowhere near the amount of power he had as president, and thank all the dogs in heaven for that. But Trump still has immense power, far more power than the average just out-of-office president. The normal “just out of office president” usually starts some kind of charitable trust to run, something that isn’t political, and stays out of politics until perhaps the next election. Even then there would be minimal participation. Trump is already raising money for a big political presence, perhaps another campaign, and still has a lot of power over the MAGAs in Congress, which is nearly all of them, and the MAGA voters.

So any sort of analogy that can poke holes in that attempt, especially ones that really ring true, are useful in an effort to cut Trump down from this almost god-like status. Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio is an expert in how one can most easily deflate Trump’s “puffed-up” attitude, and uses “needy” and “fat” in his description, which is just too perfect.

Mediaite brings us the conversation between Jim Acosta and D’Antonio regarding where Trump stands right now in his political career and a presence among the MAGAs

D’Antonio said Trump is basically an aging comedian recycling old material, telling Acosta, “We have to suffer through the same nonsense over and over again. And as you said, you do hate to hear it, because at least technically speaking he’s a former president.”

At one point Acosta brought up what several former presidents have done in their post-presidency’s, to ask if Trump is filling his need of “they like me, they really, really like me.”

D’Antonio said Trump is “very needy” and the wedding video showed him “really begging for people to applaud.”

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As they mocked the Trump wedding video, D’Antonio remarked, “This would be his fat Elvis period.”

How did we miss that analogy? How did we not get there first? It is not lack of opportunity. It is perfect. We highly recommend you tweet out “Trump Is in His Fat Elvis Period” and see how much it sticks. If nothing else, the “fat” part will really bug Trump.


Peace, y’all
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