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Trump Whines in New Interview That Melania Isn’t Treated Fairly by the Press, ‘She’s an Elegant Woman!’

Happy Easter everyone! Guess what our former president is doing this fine Spring day? He playing the victim…both for himself and his wife Melania.

The former president spoke to cable channel Real America’s Voice, and “Dr. Gina”, and whined about the normal Trump complaints. He won the election, he got 75 million votes, etc. Funny that when Trump mentions he got 75 million votes, he never mentions that Biden got 81,283,098 votes, but who’s counting.

Host Dr. Gina, who is not biased at all, asked Trump, “How is the most beautiful and elegant First Lady in history doing?”

LOL, not biased at all.

Trump then said she’s fine. He never speaks about Melania with love or affection. He never says, “You know, being married to me is tough, she never asked for this, and yet she really handled it like a champ.” NOPE.

Trump said that whenever he would go to rallies he would see signs that said “We love our First Lady”. Then he said “She’s an elegant woman”. That word, elegant, conservatives love to use that word with regards to Melania, hinting that in some way, Michelle Obama wasn’t. You can guess why.

Then Trump said that Melania doesn’t get a fair press. He goes on about how unfair the press is and says, “It’s like a closed press, it’s ridiculous. The people get it, shows like yours, the people get it. We got almost 75 million votes and I suspect, and you do too, that it was a lot more than that.”

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Melania got the press she deserved. This is a woman who delayed moving into the White House for six months so she could get more money in her prenuptial agreement. I don’t see Bess Truman doing that, or Jackie Kennedy, or any First Lady quite frankly.

And it was Melania that wore a jacket to visit children in a border detention facility that said “I Don’t Really Care, Do U?” That sealed it. That was Melania telling us who she is. And the press covered it, as they should’ve…it’s news that the First Lady of the United States is a despicable person.

Anyway, it’s gross. Melania is NOT a victim.


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