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WATCH: Middle School Teacher Scolds Kids for Using Racial Slurs By Using the Worst Racial Slur

We have been covering a few more of these types of incidents for the sole reason that there are more and more frightening changes coming about in this country including regressing back to pre-civil rights days and toward open pride in racist beliefs. There is a reason that the few leaders of the expressly racist movements in this country, like the KKK and white populist organizations, are the people who support Trump with the greatest enthusiasm. The entire dynamic started with him and is flourishing in Trump-country today.

Below we’ll see an example of a “fail” in disciplining kids caught using the “N*****” word, the worst of the worst, the one that no white person should ever tolerate, never mind say, in any context. The teacher says; “I don’t want to hear that ‘N*****’ word anymore!”

Okay, several problems here. First, and most obviously, since when did it become a thing among middle-schoolers to use the word openly among themselves, loud enough for others to hear? That seems quite new.

Second, they must feel free enough to say it in front of a teacher because it sure sounds like the teacher heard them. And then even more obviously, the teacher gives it more power by repeating it instead of “teaching” the students by saying “If I hear that word from any of you, you will face discipline including possible suspension.” But more disturbingly, if he did actually hear that word from a certain student and had heard it before, why is he simply not taking action? “That’s it, keep your mouth shut, sit beside me, and we’re going to discuss this with your parents and the principal.” It sounds like they got dressed down – a little – for something this guy heard before. But again, only three seconds.

We are of the belief that these problems didn’t arise 10-20 years ago when it wouldn’t be used nearly as much as it is now as some white people are emboldened by Trump’s racism. We don’t know, we only know of the pattern:

On Tuesday, CBS 5 reported on footage of a middle school employee for the Paradise Valley Unified School District, in the Phoenix, Arizona area, using the N-word while scolding students about use of racial slurs.

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Terribly handled. And needing investigation.

Peace, y’all
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