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You Can Now Hire Melania to Give Wedding Speeches and Send Condolence Cards, How ‘Elegant’!

Well lookie here, Melania’s got herself a new gig, Queerty will have you know.

It seems that she’s now available to be booked for wedding speeches, graduating ceremonies, baby showers, and so on. Heck, she’s even available for mailing out birthday and condolence cards, and even new baby and military retirement congratulations and more.

It’s all part of a website she and her husband ex-president Donald Trump launched earlier this week that allows users who apparently have a high threshold against embarrassment to invite the couple to special events. Users can also request personalized messages or give them thoughts and prayers. You know, in the same fashion Trump and other Republicans do whenever there’s a mass shooting.

The new website, contains a fawning 850-word synopsis about Trump’s “accomplishments” as president in its’ “about.”

Funny how it never mentions his two impeachments, seemingly endless scandals, or the deadly insurrection against the U.S. Capitol that capped the end of his presidency.

Should you check out the “Contact” section, you’ll find you can send your thoughts to Donald or Melania, or both. You can also make a scheduling request or hit them up for a personalized greeting. I know what I’d like to tell them but it’s not printable here.

While there’s this new website that treats the former President and first lady as if they are still a couple, there’s still speculation that Melania’s making moves towards obtaining a divorce, Queerty notes. Citing body language expert John Kenny, Melania’s true feelings are very evident “in her body language and behavior.”

“She may realize that she has chosen to be with someone that isn’t good for her (duh), as her actions dictate, that even in public, she finds it hard to show her emotions,” he said. “This comes out in her body language and behavior.”

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Actually, I just think Melania is an ice cube. Period. I’ve been writing about her for ages and I’ve never seen her show even a remote glimmer of warmth. She’s a woman who cares for herself and her young son, but that’s it. Period.

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