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Action Movie Hero Steven Seagal Joins Pro-Putin Russian Party While Advocating Tougher Government Control

Putin continues to tighten his political tentacles throughout the world. But the first moves made in this matter were made years ago. Who knew?

Steven Seagal was born in the United States as an American citizen and gained his fortune producing and starring in [bad] action movies. At some point, Seagal became a huge Putin fan and in 2016, Putin granted Seagal Russian citizenship. Putin is a big martial arts fan. Putin is also a fan of owning U.S. influencers, make of that what you will. Seagal does still retain his United States citizenship (and has Serbian citizenship). It is anyone’s guess as to who Seagal supported in the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. *Cough.*

According to Reuters and Rawstory:

Seagal received a party membership card of an alliance named Just Russia – Patriots – For Truth on Saturday, a video relased by the party showed. It was formed earlier this year, when three leftist parties, all of which support Putin, merged into one.

Evidently, they define “leftist” differently in Russia. Maybe someone ought to tell Trump’s MAGAs that Putin is a “leftist” and Trump’s best friend. Maybe the conspiracy is to own the MAGAs? Let them chew on it a bit.

Seagal proposed a crackdown on businesses that damage the environment.

“Without being able to arrest people, when we just fine them, they are probably making more money of the production of the things that are defiling the environment.” 

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That argument sounds familiar. Maybe he is a “leftist,” just from an upside-down universe. Still, we’re not sure that giving Putin’s government more power to arrest anyone is a great idea. Moreover, from the outside, it looks to us that laws in Russia are more “advisory,” than hard and fast. We have read that Putin ultimately determines the extent to which the laws matter. It sounds damned familiar, doesn’t it, GOP?

Here is a thing:

In 2018, Russia tasked Seagal with improving humanitarian ties with the United States at a time when relations between the two countries have deteriorated to their worst level since the Cold War.

“Humanitarian ties?” If we recall, that was about the same time that the NRA-Russian money connection was exposed.

Interesting. More interesting than his movies.

Peace, y’all
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