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Crazed Lin Wood is Back and the GOP is Panicked Over His South Carolina Campaign

Of all the crazed Trump backers from the post-election period, Lin Wood is perhaps the most insane. Against all odds and explanation, Wood was once a respected big litigator in Atlanta and is now on the edge of losing his law license due to his deranged and dangerous behavior. Moreover, the more that GOP politicians move to push January 6th into a memory hole, and the more they move to slam down voting rights in various states, the more susceptible the country is to fascism and influencers like Wood.

On the other hand, it is harder for the GQP to win office when its most insane advocates obtain more and more power. The Republicans are already suffering the humiliation of leaving Matt Gaetz in office due to his “loyalty” to Trump, and now this. Wood might get what he wants.

According to a report in Politico:

“[T]he firebrand lawyer shocked the political establishment in one of the GOP’s most important state parties by mounting an unexpectedly strong challenge to the incumbent chairman, Drew McKissick. The outcome has out-sized implications because of South Carolina’s role in GOP presidential primaries — the state hosts the first primary in the South, and almost always votes for the eventual Republican nominee.”

Deserved and dangerous. The greater Wood’s role in South Carolina, the greater the chance that his manic supporters control who would be the presidential nominee. And Wood loves himself for it, how Trumpian:

“We need some chaos in the Republican Party in South Carolina. Somebody needs to shake it up. So here I am, Mr. Shaker.”

On a damned serious note, there is nothing but chaos in the Republican party. So much so it endangers the country. Some of South Carolina’s less insane adherents are worried about Wood and his followers.

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“Wood activists accused outgoing county GOP Chair Nate Leupp of rigging local party elections as they picketed the local party office and Leupp’s place of employment, a Christian music store called Majesty Music. There’s a lot of crazy going on in South Carolina,” before adding Wood’s adherents are made up of “pitchfork- and torch-bearers.”

“All the politicos are buzzing with the same question: what in the world is going on South Carolina? You just can’t make this stuff up,” Leupp explained. “Big personalities are using a national narrative about Trump to their own advantage.”

What in the world is going on with South Carolina? The same thing as the same thing in every other RedState. You don’t need to make it up because the party’s future was preordained when it selected Trump as its nominee. Everything Trump touches dies.

Now we need only know if Trump’s touch will be limited to the GOP or whether they engineer a minority government through voting manipulation. In such a scenario, the country will dive straight into fascism that cannot be reversed by a future President Joe Biden.

Peace, y’all
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