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Father Brags He Breached the Capitol So His Son Could Defecate on Nancy Pelosi’s Desk

A trio of men who allegedly stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan.6 appeared before a D.C. magistrate judge during a video conference call Wednesday, Raw Story reports.

James Douglas Rahm III traveled with his father, James Douglas Rahm Jr., who has already been indicted, to attend the Save America rally on Jan. 6. The two men breached the Capitol together,¬†government documents say. James Rahm Jr. apparently at one point that day decided to post a selfie on Facebook with the title “Pepper Spray,” the documents say.

One Facebook user asked if he was present during the siege and Rahm allegedly responded “yes, do not believe the media. There were no anarchist no Antifa just patriots trying to take the country back. Yes, I was there. The pepper spray is just wearing off.”

For whatever reason, Rahm and his friends were obsessed with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the documents say.

And one affidavit backs up these charges against James Douglas Rahm III, who’s also known as “JD.” According to the affidavit, a different person told Rahm Jr. to “go find Pelosi and rip her f*cking head off.” That same person wrote later: “I want that wh*re d–d.”

Sounds like a true Trump supporter. How typical.

In a text message, James Rahm Jr. allegedly wrote, “We breached the Capitol. Jay-Z could sh*t on Pelosi’s desk.” In that same affidavit, an FBI agent notes the “Jay-Z” reference was probably a voice-activated typing error for JD.

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So far the government has not presented evidence that either father or son has actually urinated or defecated in Pelosi’s office.

Government filings also say the younger Rahm was away on a skiing trip when the FBI executed a search warrant on his parents’ home in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Feb. 5. JD Rahm III later met with agents and presented them with videos from his cellphone and GoPro camera.

That footage, according to the government, “shows the group JD Rahm III was in overpowering U.S. Capitol Hill police officers, to force the U.S. Capitol doors open from the inside. JD Rahm is among the individuals at the front of this crowd.”

Roughly two minutes after rioters forced the doors open, the younger Rahm’s footage captures his father entering the U.S. Capitol, according to the documents. The filings also reference a Snapchat video where JD Rahm III is heard saying “Holy sh*t, holy sh*t. Oh my f*cking God, we just stormed the Capitol. Holy f*ck.” Right after that screams can be heard in the video.

JD Rahm III is now charged with obstruction of justice/Congress and vi*lent entry and disorderly conduct, as well as a few other offenses.

But just imagine, he and the other two noodniks arraigned that day, Joseph Elliott Zlab and Kerry Wayne Persick, who are also charged with various offenses, all did this to support a man who very definitely did not win the election and who wouldn’t toss water on them if they were on fire.

I’m telling you, these people really are a special kind of stupid.

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