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Former Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid Reveals: ‘I Was Told Lockheed Martin Had UFO Crash Fragments’

Please forgive us. This is a weekend article, though this isn’t intentionally put out on the weekend. We are writing in response to a very significant, sober, and serious article from The New Yorker which came out on Friday. The subject is UFOs and no one is laughing.


Some of us just love this stuff as a guilty pleasure. It is just irresistible to say “What if?” And, if one is going to call people “crazy” for their interest, one is going to have to call a lot of astronauts “crazy,” because many have admitted that they saw stuff that they cannot explain. We choose to think the astronauts are sane and we choose to think that former Senator Harry Reid, the Majority Leader is sane. He thinks there is something dead serious to study, from Salon:

The claims were published as part of a lengthy report in The New Yorker Friday, titled, “How the Pentagon Started Taking U.F.O.s Seriously.” In the piece, Reid is quoted as saying he believes Lockheed Martin, the American aerospace firm, is in possession of such materials — but that he could not say for certain because he never got approval from the Pentagon to inspect the crash fragments himself, despite years of effort.

If a person wanted to hide evidence of technology, both normal cutting edge super-secret human technology OR – if in existence – real “UFO” technology, the way to do it is to allow the private defense contractors to control it.  Private companies are not 100% free from oversight, but corporations are far less accountable than the Defense Department. Additionally, there are no Freedom of Information Act requests to corporations. One of the nation’s top senators couldn’t get in.

“I was told for decades that Lockheed had some of these retrieved materials,” he told the magazine. “And I tried to get, as I recall, a classified approval by the Pentagon to have me go look at the stuff. They would not approve that. I don’t know what all the numbers were, what kind of classification it was, but they would not give that to me.”

Whether the materials stem from the most radical, latest design, human stuff, or something much more sinister, there is a huge incentive to keep it ultra-secret. The more secret one’s technology remains, the more the Defense Department wants it and the more it pays to keep the pipeline flowing to the DoD exclusively. It keeps the technology “off” the public market, keeps the Pentagon happy, and money flowing to the private companies.

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But some senators have now demanded to know what the hell is going on:

The New Yorker story comes in advance of a widely anticipated report from the federal government’s “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force” — an effort which was announced last summer as part of the COVID-19 relief bill signed by then-President Donald Trump.

One gets spun in circles reading all this stuff. If a defense contractor had technology so far ahead of what people contemplate (and they do, they have stuff that is scary ahead), they are well-served having people believe they are UFOs and perpetuate the UFO talk. If people knew that these ultra-fast disappearing disks were U.S. technology, the public would demand to know what the hell is going on and demand that the public have access to the technology to help mankind. On the other hand, if the technology is from “elsewhere,” the contractors damn well want exclusive control of materials for scientific study. Either way, there is an incentive to keep the “UFO” talk going, and that’s when one wants to dig a little deeper.

The French government actually did dig a little deeper and very very few people know that the French government’s official position is not quite what one would expect. From the New Yorker:

The vast majority of the sightings could be traced to meteorological or earthly origins, or could not be studied, owing to paltry evidence, but a small percentage of them appeared to involve, as the report put it, “completely unknown flying machines with exceptional performances that are guided by a natural or artificial intelligence.” cometa had resolved, through the process of elimination, that “the extraterrestrial hypothesis” was the most logical explanation.

So, again, the French government sees this as serious enough to say that for those sightings by astronauts, pilots, etc. that simply cannot be explained, well – the extra-terrestrial hypothesis is the most logical. We suspect the French are sane.

The point is, having people believing that this stuff ain’t from us serves the military-industrial complex extremely well. But Reid seems to believe he’s seen through the cloud. He believes he knows what’s there and the most logical explanation is that something dark is being hidden.

Interesting… to some of us, because it is not impossible. So, what if… ?

Peace, y’all
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