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Jen Psaki Humiliates and Buries Fox News’ Peter Doocy After He Tries to Push a Fake Story

Peter Doocy is building quite a history with Jen Psaki and not a particularly good one.

But before we set Jen loose to roll Doocy into burger yet again, it’s only fair to note that he is a White House correspondent and he is supposed to be asking challenging questions. This would be true whether a reporter is from Fox or MSNBC. Doocy doesn’t look like an idiot because he asks tough questions of Psaki, it’s how he’s gone about asking those questions. In a word, they are simply “lazy” questions.

We note that again today, he used the broad “House Republicans are claiming…” instead of offering some specific names. Remarkably, he got away with it, this time. Perhaps it’s because the White House knew this type of question was coming and preferred Doocy’s beachball to a real hammer.

DOOCY: “House Republicans are claiming that they have ‘significant circumstantial evidence’ that COVID-19 originated in a lab. Has the White House seen any circumstantial evidence that it did not, originate in a lab?”

Doocy would have been better served by framing the same question by saying ” House Republicans…  claim… they have significant circumstantial evidence that… ” but then phase into: “Has the White House reached out to the House Republicans to compare evidence and see if there is agreement? And what steps has the White House taken in an attempt to find a definitive answer?” He could have at least forced Psaki to either admit to working with Republicans or not, or having to say that they had seen what House Republicans have and disagree. Psaki would also have been forced to answer what they’re doing or say they’re unwilling to talk about it. Doocy could have used those answers.

Instead, he simply left Psaki a hanging curve to smack to the upper deck:

PSAKI “Well, I think first I would caution you against disproving a negative there, which is never the responsible approach in our view when it comes to getting to the bottom of the root causes of a pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of people in the United States.

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Psaki so easily turned the question on Doocy by noting that they were essentially asking the impossible, circumstantial evidence will never prove that it did not originate in a lab. She also reminded Doocy that questions about the severity of the disease, one that killed hundreds of thousands, probably should have been more aggressively addressed by his network and the MAGAs last year. She wasn’t done with him:

PSAKIE: “I will say that our view continues to be there needs to be an independent, transparent investigation and that needs to happen with the cooperation and data provided from the Chinese government. We don’t have enough information at this point to make an assessment.

Carl Sagan famously said that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Circumstantial evidence is not extraordinary. Moreover, if these House Republicans have circumstantial evidence, they certainly don’t seem to be willing to share it with the world. Thus, it is meaningless. Anyone can say the same thing. She also reminded Peter that it is highly unlikely that anyone is going to prove anything without cooperating with the Chinese. The MAGAs are quickly making the Chinese the world’s number one enemy, which does nothing but hinder such an effort.

Doocy asked a legitimate question but didn’t ask it correctly. Starting off with his sound-byte that was never going to get him an answer. It wasn’t even going to get him good sound to play that night.

Jen just owns this guy.

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