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NBC Successfully Sues and Obtains New Video From Attempted Coup: The Sounds of Agony Lay Out New Horrors

Earlier today Kansas GOP-MAGA Senator Roger Marshall, a man who voted in favor of the big lie on the day of the riot, said that the world “so wants to move on” from the violent coup. Later in the day, we got new video from NBC Washington through a lawsuit. We certainly didn’t need a reminder as to why we must not move on. And yet we got one and it’s awful enough to affirm one’s conviction.

It is hard to explain why the Capitol Police and certain interests in and around the executive and legislative branches want to continue to hide video like this. Obviously, to any regular citizen opposing the MAGA cult, there are no good reasons and whatever reasons might be offered up after the fact will be doubted. The only way to ensure that the matter grows increasingly divisive and dangerous is to continue to hide evidence, only to get caught and be forced to hand it over. Someone is covering for someone. Why did a news station have to sue to get this video?

That said, there is evidence that the FBI must protect in order to do its complete criminal investigation and we do not have a right to see that evidence (yet) any more than any other criminal case. But below is just a video of the crowd and more than the video, the audio is just chilling. Any officer on the scene that day would know that he or she is fighting for their lives, and criminally under-armed. This video is not the type used for a criminal conviction and yet it was held back. Are they withholding this type of evidence simply because they know it looks awful?

As you watch this and listen, consider all the white people pummeling cops and rioting. As bad as it was, the police did not shoot in defense once. (With one exception inside the Capitol and that shot was not fired by Capitol Police.) We are not saying that Capitol Police needed to shoot to defend themselves, but it’s worth comparing how the largely white crowd was treated versus lone black men.

It takes one’s breath away. “Move on.” Insulting and disgusting.

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