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OAN Guest Says People Deserve Government Subsidized Guns to Protect Them From BLM

Conservative activist Rogan O’Handley is mentally ill, evil, racist, and apparently has a strong desire to shoot someone Black. He is not only a huge 2nd Amendment fan (well, far beyond huge), he is one of the very few to come out and simply admit that it’s not “crime per se” that he wants to prevent. No, he wants guns distributed to white people per se, and distributed in order to protect said white people from BLM.

What about those of us white people that want protection from people like O’Handley? Because we want our protection to be in the form of regulating his guns. We cannot even imagine being a parent of a young Black man listening to this. Of course, Black Americans are used to it.

Except they’re actually not, at least not used to hearing it on major cable “news” stations that a former president supported. One would think that the interview would get cut the moment the network realized what the man was saying. It was not. O’Handley was on to say it, after all.

There is no official number on the number of people who had lost their lives by the BLM protests last summer, and we doubt there ever will be because there were anarchists there, provocateurs (the ones wanting things blamed on BLM), Antifa, and BLM. Here is what we know. The highest number we saw in researching the matter was around 200, which seems absurdly high to us. But even if it were to be 200, that is far less than the half million who lost their lives to COVID.

Yet this man wants guns distributed to every [white] American and likely didn’t want to wear masks to protect his and others’ lives.

O’Handley said guns should be subsidized so that people can protect themselves from “looting, violence and murder” that he blamed on Black Lives Matter.

“America owns more guns than 50% of the planet. There are more guns than people in this country. God bless the Second Amendment and our Founding Fathers. I am absolutely loving seeing these huge, huge gun numbers.”

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More guns than people. If guns protected people, it would seem like America should be the safest country on earth. And do note that when he says he “loves” seeing those huge numbers, it almost sounds like it’s coming from his loins, not his brain.

“People that have never owned a gun in their life are looking around and seeing BLM and antifa burning down courthouses, police stations… looting, violence, murder. And they’re saying, you know what? Maybe I have to look at protecting myself and my family. Maybe I should start exercising my constitutional right to keep and bear arms. And I will say I’m in the camp where I think we should actually have subsidies for gun ownership in this country. You know, we subsidize schools, housing, everything. Why are we not subsidizing guns? That’s a constitutional right and one of the most important. Very happy to see these huge numbers.

Is he for subsidizing guns to provide to BLM? To protect themselves from him? Or is he talking about “real Americans.” (His idea of real Americans).

One of the most important rights? More important than free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press (where he can say racist awful stuff), free from cops searching him for fun, free from being forced to testify against himself, free to call witnesses at his own trial, freedom to be represented if accused, freedom from cruel and unusual punishment, freedom to have due process, notice, a fair opportunity to be heard, to marry whomever one wants, to control one’s own body… the freedom to own a gun (which isn’t unlimited, any convicted felon loses it), is one of the most important. To racists, in particular.

If he actually believed that Black Americans would take advantage of the situation and arm themselves just as well as his, he would be for regulations very quickly.

Peace, y’all
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