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Pelosi Pounces for the Win: Mocks GOP Men for Being Unable to Handle Party ‘Girlfriend’ Liz Cheney


One doesn’t see this very often. True, we “troll” each other on the net, all day, every day, or so it seems. But we rarely do it “officially,” using official accounts, and official titles, etc. Trolling is generally done where we trolls live, down in the gutter.

Nancy Pelosi is no troll. She came up through the ranks of power back when being a woman in politics was still both a novelty and a hindrance. There was only one way for a woman to reach the upper echelons of power way back when she first did so and it was by being very good and outworking every man in the room. And so she did.

The Republicans are looking for a new woman in the House. The guys want to dump Liz Cheney. Liz Cheney is the “token” woman in House leadership, currently the third highest-ranking Republican in the House, and often the only woman in the picture when GOP leadership stands before a bank of microphones. But Liz Cheney is on the way out for all the terrible reasons that we’ve covered and so the Republicans have very publicly been looking for a new “woman.” (It will be Elise Stefanik, not a big secret, and Liz will be gone next week).

So, given that “Pubs” are lookin’ for a new girl, Pelosi decided it was a great time to tro… pound them, hard:

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And, that is exactly how one rises up through the ranks as Pelosi did. This is the same woman who stared down Trump, making him look like a child, and gave it to him: “With you, all roads lead to Putin.”

That’s our leader. We follow her.

Peace, y’all
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