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The Dumbest Man in Congress Claims Capitol Rioters are ‘Political Prisoners’ in Deranged Speech

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert (R), has some interesting (but wrong) ideas about last January’s siege, especially when it comes to those who have been arrested in the aftermath. He let those wrong ideas out for a walk while speaking on the House floor Friday.

He’s claiming those who were arrested during the Jan.6 goings-on “face non-violent trespassing and disorderly conduct charges,” Raw Story reports.

“Joe Biden’s Justice Department is criminalizing political protest, but only political protest by Republicans or conservatives,” Gohmert said. “They’re destroying the lives of American families, they’re weaponizing the events of January 6 to silence Trump-supporting Americans.”

Gohmert is arguably not well-acquainted with logic and he went on to demonstrate that by saying the Biden administration is accusing “these folks” of being a danger to society (maybe, I don’t know, they actually are?) “because they doubted the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.”

And no, he didn’t leave it at that. Gohmert also attacked a judge presiding over the case of the Capitol rioters as being an “advocate” for Democrats.

“We have in this city political prisoners held hostage by their own government,” he said. “Victims of an unequal system of justice in a country where rioters and looters on the left are let off the hook even considered heroes while those on the right are considered hardened criminals without any record before a trial can even begin.”

Gohmert is not the brightest crayon in the box. He’s even claimed that wearing a mask gave him coronavirus and the fact is rioters on “the left” are not let off the hook so easily. As any who demonstrated for civil rights in Portland, Oregon last summer can tell you, police bombarded protesters with tear gas for months. This happened so often, in fact, that it raised health and environmental concerns.

And while I’m not excusing looters, I’m going to say that looting may be borne of bottled-up anger at a system where real justice is rare.

Here’s Gohmert’s idiotic commentary below. Man, this guy is a doofus.

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