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Trump’s New ‘Interview’ With OAN Where He Bashes the Media is Absolutely Batsh*t Crazy

We hate covering Donald Trump, but given the numbers we see, our readers reluctantly want to read about him and that’s likely smart. The man may well be more dangerous to the country now than when in office, with the lone exception that COVID is now taken seriously by adults in charge. But in every other category, of which we can imagine, the MAGA movement led by MAGA man, is more dangerous now than then.

MAGA beliefs will end democracy in this nation unless checked by some independent Republicans and there are damned few of those around. Mitch McConnell, the most powerful Republican in office, waffles back and forth, as if he wants to retain a foot in both worlds. That’s not going to get it done. Yesterday, McConnell announced he opposed a January 6th truth commission.

There is no justification whatsoever and he knows it. Moreover, he is covering for a man that blames him for destroying democracy in America. Trump is so sure that if they had just sent the votes back for yet another recount, he would have won this time, clearly. Thus, Mitch McConnell brought about the end of the Republic. Ask Trump.

He started his OAN interview by complaining about the media:

We don’t have a free and fair press media anymore. This is not free and you know, you look at communist countries. that’s what happens, nobody can talk, and when you can’t talk, there’s nothing to discuss.”

Trump said this in an interview on a cable news channel. The terribly frightening part? What would he do if he was allowed to design a “free and fair media”? The same as he installed for Voice of America? Pro-Trump? Yes.

Trump wants to talk about 2020 because he lost and he cannot lose and thus he will talk about it for the rest of his life. This is good. Republican voters will not want to hear about 2020 in 2022 or 2024 but they will hear about it. It might be all they hear about. He doesn’t have a platform.

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Republicans don’t want to talk about it, the weak or stupid or RINOs or call them whatever you want. And yet the voter, the Republican voter, that’s what they want to hear. They want to hear about 2020.

If that’s what Republicans wanted to hear, the GOP would be talking about it. That’s what Trump wants GOP voters to hear.

They want to find out what’s going on. The Republican voter wants the story, the weak Republican politician doesn’t want to talk about this story because they think it’s bad politically. I think it’s great politically, I think it’s great politically.

The entire story is falling apart. See Arizona. People are sick of it.

And, according to Rawstory’s summary:

He then complained that he can’t veto legislation coming from Congress because Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell did not overturn the will of the voters and end democracy in America. If Mitch McConnell fought in the Senate for election integrity, you would have lots of vetoes coming out right now out of the White House because you’d have a different president,” Trump said. “But other than fundraising, he’s very weak.

There it is. Mitch McConnell refused to fight for “election integrity.” What we find mildly amusing is that Trump’s statement assumes that only votes for president were changed. Trump’s theory is that the votes for the Senate and House were legitimate, but the election was stolen from him, alone, and he could veto everything coming out of that legitimately elected Congress.

We now have faux elections, according to Donald Trump, and it’s all because of one man, a weak man, who yesterday came out against a truth commission because it very well might unleash the truth. McConnell didn’t want the truth when it hurt Trump on December 15th or January 6th, and he doesn’t want the truth as of yesterday, May 19, 2021, because it might hurt Trump and Republicans.

This is all so Russia, Orwellian, fascist, gaslighting, cultish, dangerous, obsessive, and it is not going away any time soon. It is getting stronger.


Peace, y’all
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