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Book Says Trump Raged After George Floyd Unrest, ‘I’ve Done All This Stuff for the Blacks’

It always began with racism and everything else would come back around to racism. It is how Trump elevated himself above the sixteen other GOP candidates on the stage in 2015. Trump was just as angry as the far right voter, more comfortable showing it, and he directed it at exactly the right people, minorities, and immigrants. It always came back around to white rage. That is how we arrive at today, with “The Blacks” trending on Twitter because of Donald Trump. Again.

First things first. According to a new book (cited below) it was in June of 2020, after having done some minor criminal justice reform, and after the passing of George Floyd, that Trump was furious with Jared Kushner for having talked him into doing anything but “strong” law and order. The ever paranoid Trump said that doing criminal justice reform made him look “weak,” and there was no greater sin in Trump’s world than looking “weak.”

Once again, Trump misread the situation 100%. Kushner knew that the criminal justice reform stuff wasn’t for “the blacks,” it was for the white mushy middle suburban housewives, as Trump called them. All polling showed that educated suburban women were turned off by his blatant racism. Ask women in the suburbs of Phoenix and Atlanta. Women in these areas did more to dispose of Trump than any group except for Black Americans and immigrants.

Trump never understood. Politics was always transactional to Trump. “I do this for you, you do this for me.” It was never “this is not right.”

From a new book by the Wall Street Journal’s Mike Bender, “Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost,” as quoted by Politico:

“For Father’s Day in 2020, what DONALD TRUMP mostly wanted was to avoid his son-in-law. It was JARED KUSHNER who had talked the president into hiring BRAD PARSCALE to run a campaign that was now, just months before the election, in freefall. And when most Americans rejected Trump’s unreasonably truculent response to the civil unrest that was sweeping the country, the president also blamed Kushner. … Trump privately told advisers that he wished he’d been quicker to support police and more aggressive in his pushback against protesters.

“Trump had staked nearly his entire campaign in 2016 around a law-and-order image, and now groaned that the criminal justice reform that Kushner had persuaded him to support made him look weak and — even worse — hadn’t earned him any goodwill among Black voters.

Once again, Trump simply didn’t understand. Whether it was Black Americans, Asian Americans, LGBTQ Americans, none of them were ever going to vote for Trump. Kushner knew that they won in 2016 by a razor-sharp margin and they needed to at least keep the white middle. No white person voted for Biden because “Trump wasn’t tough enough.” That’s absurd. Trump is the dumbest “pol” of our lifetime.

‘I’ve done all this stuff for the Blacks — it’s always Jared telling me to do this,’ Trump said to one confidante on Father’s Day. ‘And they all f—— hate me, and none of them are going to vote for me.’”

First of all, criminal justice reform isn’t “just” about Black Americans. But also, laws and such mean fck all when the police believe that “their president” wants them to get “tougher” in the streets and will have their backs. It was Trump’s attitude, far more than the laws, that poisoned the country. Ask all those rioters who expected Trump to pardon them for raging through the Capitol after beating up police.

But we’re at least comforted that Trump put all the blame on Kushner. As is typical in MAGA world, Kushner deserved one hell of a lot of blame, just not for this. They were both wrong and both horrible people.

Oh, and Twitter?

Peace, y’all
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