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Lindsey Graham Sounds Lonely, Sad, and Pathetic as He Pines for Trump, ‘I Miss Trump’

As we say repeatedly, Lindsey Graham is a guy who used to be respected on both sides of the aisle. We specifically remember watching an interview of Schumer and Graham about 12 years ago, sitting together. Chuck responded to a question by pointing toward Lindsey and saying, “Look, this is a good guy, here.” And the thing is, that Chuck actually told the truth about how he and the Democrats felt about Lindsey. (This was well after Lindsey was a House manager impeaching Clinton).

Additionally, Lindsey had made some things about himself that were best left private and the Democrats, at least as much as the GOP, wanted to help him with that.

Even more astonishingly, Lindsey began Trump’s term still being a good guy. Of course, he was tagged to John McCain the whole time, but he also led the charge against Trump when Trump simply forgave the Russians right out of the gates and yanking the sanctions placed on them for invading Ukraine and the ones for messing with our election. Lindsey remained a good Republican, but he didn’t have a lot of nice words to say about Trump. Then they went golfing and, ever since, he not only has lots of nice things to say about Trump, he’s humiliating himself with nice things to say about Trump.

Below, Lindsey is responding to the world talking about NATO being happy again and foreign leaders calling Biden’s visit a “breath of fresh air.” Lindsey first says, “Look, this is a bunch of fluff.”

NO. It is not. NATO and our relationship with the rest of the self-respecting democracies on earth are essential. But even if it was fluff, it would still be important because there is no need to go on the world stage and be such an embarrassing asshole. The United States is not supposed to embarrass itself.

Speaking of which. Lindsey then lays out an “I miss Trump,” and then dead silence hangs in the air, as if Lindsey recalls that his life is forever tied to Trump (for whatever reason) and that life would be easier if Trump was fat and happy in the White House, instead of screaming at everyone over the phone, demanding that they do dangerous stuff.

Take it from here, former semi-respectable guy, the “If you don’t like Joe Biden, then you’re the one with the problem” guy:

So humiliating.

Peace, y’all
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