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Newest MAGA Scam: Tickets to ‘Trump’s Second Inauguration’ Being Sold on Facebook for $1200

A moral compass is a great thing to have unless one is far more into getting rich than anything else in life. Ask Jeff Bezos about having $200 billion and working people into the ground. Amazon workers wear wrist units monitoring their work.

Or just ask us because we could easily quadruple the amount we make if we just turned around and became devastatingly, insightful, sharp, and witty from the right. But then again, that moral compass, and having to sleep at night, ideally with someone else. The left has its benefits.

Where were we? Oh, moral compasses. There is a lot of money to be made off the MAGAs if one can put that thing on hold for a year or so. Someone is making tickets to Trump’s second inauguration, dated August 15, 2021, oh and they’re charging $1200, which would be offensive even if there were to be such an event and even if one was the biggest MAGA. But evidently some – we cannot know how many – are buying these things. It is almost like they think that the bigger the scam, the more real it must be.

We heard a cliche about that once from a truly evil guy in Nazi Germany. But let’s look at the ticket, and – again, we cannot verify how many of these things have actually been sold. If it’s one it’s worth writing about because it says it all:

Yes,  it is insane and the fact that it’s entirely plausible, says quite a bit, too.

It is also dangerous. We have seen what happens when the MAGAs are outraged that something that they fully believed turns out to be untrue. They really are into this Trump reinstatement thing. We saw what happened last time that the MAGAs believed Trump would work some magic to stay in the White House.. Most of them hadn’t invested $1200 on it, either.

Anyway, reactions?


Peace, y’all
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