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Putin Smacks MAGA Media for Knocking Biden’s Mental Fitness, Then Takes Cheap Shot at Jen Psaki

Putin is more popular with the GOP than the President of the United States and so when Putin speaks, maybe they will believe him.

It shouldn’t be all that surprising that the MAGAs like Putin more than their president. Putin reminds them of Trump. Trump believed he was a dictator who loved to get revenge. MAGAs love men like that. Plus, Putin is Trump’s boss, as many of them surely know. So, here is the poll that may be relevant below.

Okay, so Putin is respected a bit more by a few Republicans. They don’t respect Joe Biden at all. Thus, it is kind of delicious when Putin calls MAGA media to the carpet on their favorite meme, that Biden is a “demented” old man who is lost, blundering, etc. etc. Vladimir Putin assured the world of what we already know (because we’ve seen it in action at press conferences):

“The image of President Biden that our, and even American, media present has nothing to do with reality. Biden’s a professional, you have to be very attentive with him so as not to miss anything. He doesn’t let anything get by, I assure you.”

Well, we were aware of that. But we also know that Putin’s words don’t necessarily bear any relation to the truth. Putin lies as often as Trump and for the same reason, to fool some people and sound tough. So, we shouldn’t give the words a lot of weight. On the other hand, he didn’t need to answer the question at all and perhaps Putin feels a bit dressed down? Perhaps a little worried that his buddy is no longer president? It is possible.

But Putin wasn’t gleefully handing out compliments to the entire American government:

“His press secretary is a young, educated, beautiful woman who’s always mixing things up. [Biden is] collected, knows what he wants to achieve and does it adroitly.

Now, one can almost see Putin’s words as meant to reinforce that Biden is as sharp as anyone when he says “young” and “mixing things up.” He might have been saying that even a young, educated,  beautiful, woman is always mixing things up and age has nothing to do with it.

We couldn’t agree more that Jen Psaki is stunningly beautiful. And we suspect that Putin sort of meant it as a compliment to Joe (“He is sharper than a young, educated, beautiful woman”) But why take a cheap shot at Jen? Why couldn’t he just say, “We both have very smart and educated young staffers that mess things up all the time. President Biden is not staff, he’s much sharper”? Putin could have made the same point without having one person in his crosshairs.

We think we know. He is bothered by Psaki’s shots at Russia, and it’s really bothersome coming from a young beautiful woman. Psaki is the spokesperson, the “voice” (we won’t say face in this context) of the administration and thus he slams her. She is pretty. He probably finds her very attractive. Frustrating for Vlad. It would be better if an uneducated, old, ugly man was aggressive toward Russia. Joe doesn’t fit that profile, either.

Peace, y’all
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