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The Republican Party Tweets Out Happy Birthday to Trump: Use the Biggest Protocol Violation of His Term

It is Flag Day. It is also Trump’s birthday. The coincidence is unfortunate, the fact that far more Americans see it as pure coincidence is, fortunately, gratifying. We are a bit confused because during Trump’s term, the internet cheered this as Barack Obama day and now many have slipped in President Joe Biden Day. No doubt, Joe Biden should have his own day, the man was a good man before he became president. We propose January 20th as Joe Biden day? Every year?

It is funny to many, and offensive to many, that many in the Republican party, including the Republican party (along with Don Jr.) insist upon using one of Trump’s biggest protocol violations. It is somewhat appropriate that they use a picture of Trump breaking some sort of law, tradition, rule, etc. because he didn’t go one single day in his term in which he didn’t somehow break at least one of the above, and many days when he broke all of them together.

Right, we best get to the “Official GOP Tweet” sent out to wish Trump a happy birthday. As an aside, we’d like to know if the official GOP acknowledged George W. Bush’s birthday in 2009. If they did, they wouldn’t picture W. hugging a flag! That is because no one is supposed to hug a flag, president or not. There actually is some serious protocol that should be followed and it isn’t funny.

So there it is. It is nice that the GOP remembered to include Flag Day… under the Happy Birthday President Trump! Many of these people believe that Trump represents the flag, so it makes sense that they mash it up.

Peace, y’all
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