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Trump Claims Facebook and Zuckerberg Stole Election With ‘$500 Million Worth of Phony Lock Boxes’

If your grandfather was spouting off crazy conspiracy theories about the neighbor like this, the family would strongly consider having him get help, either some outpatient clinical treatment or perhaps an inpatient stay. We only say “grandfather” (it could be anyone) because Trump happens to be at that age.

It is probably also best to remember, while you call him clinically insane – which is now a safe layman’s evaluation – to remember that Trump has always been a conspiracy theorist. He has always had a reason to explain why he could never actually “lose,” it was always someone else’s fault. Trump also has a strong family history of both Alzheimer’s disease and addiction (neither of which is really something we hold against people unless they refuse treatment for the latter) both diseases can greatly impact one’s ability to function normally. Last, this guy is under stress like he’s never even contemplated.

Seeing 500,000 of his countrymen die as he obsessed about his own fortunes after the election was no big deal. Grinning about an assault on the Capitol was nothing. But, now, being out of the White House and living in luxury, as a “loser,” that’s everything. Oh, and he might be indicted any day.

So, Trump has every reason to have lost it and thus he clearly has. The man needs treatment of some kind. It can be entirely private, but someone around him must step in, because – as we’ve said before, just because he’s insane doesn’t mean he’s not still worshipped.

His new theory as to how he lost the election? Facebook phony lockboxes:

Facebook paid hundreds of millions for “phony lockboxes” that accounted for “96 percent Biden votes,” adding that, “They were like just dumping ballots, it was a phony deal!”

Just doing the math, very roughly, that means Biden got about 5 million votes, according to Trump. Trump is essentially saying, without knowing it, that Biden might have won the city of Los Angeles, and not received a vote anywhere else in the country. Everyone in San Francisco voted for Trump, or didn’t vote.

That’s insane and people noticed!

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Yeah, well…

So that happened… Last week it was the reinstatement, now phony lockboxes. We’re looking forward to next week, except he’ll be just as dangerous.

Peace,  y’all
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