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Video of Mo Brooks’s Wife Being Served Proves No One Trespassed and Mrs. Brooks Was NOT Happy

It is not like there is anyone in the country who enjoys being served with a lawsuit. And it is typical of some people to make it somewhat difficult to be served “right away” because they need time to prepare and consider what is coming. But there are limits and when one is finally served, one shouldn’t lie and accuse the process server of trespassing by stepping in the hope.

Rep. Eric Swalwell filed a lawsuit against Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Alabama (unless he is trying to escape service and then he’s typically not in Alabama) because Brooks took part in the incitement of the crowd which descended upon the Capitol. Typically, U.S. Representatives, being representatives and all, will not do the “divorce” type dodge. But Mo did. For months.

Swalwell cannot serve Mo in the Capitol because parties cannot serve other parties. Thus it was that Mo dodged the service for months. At the point when Brooks’s wife was served, Brooks accused the process server of trespassing and sent out a picture of the Alabama criminal code.

Except Brooks lied.

As told by Swalwell’s attorney, Phil Andonian to Talking Points Memo, they obtained security video footage from Brooks house and noted that the video clearly shows that Brooks lied because it’s obvious the process server didn’t trespass. Few people are surprised.

“The video shows that there was no truth to Mo Brooks’ claim that the process server went into their house —as we have maintained all along. The video also shows that the papers were validly served. If Brooks wants to challenge service in court, he is free to do so, and we’ll look forward to getting his motion and taking it up with the judge.”

Where he will lose round one in the lawsuit and upset the judge, which is not the way one generally wants to start off in a lawsuit.

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“I have absolutely no doubt that it was an unpleasant experience for Mrs. Brooks, as I can imagine it would be for anybody. It’s not something we wanted to have happen.

Nor do we.

This is a sitting congressman with some profile in a building and grounds completely locked down to the public because of his actions on January 6. 

The video:

The video proves the lie. The first of many, we suspect.

Peace, y’all
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