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Wait, What? Alex Jones Says that Trump’s White House Asked Him on January 3rd to Lead March to the Capitol

This was supposed to be a protest. Remember? That is what it was supposed to be, “a protest.” Of course, of course, Trump tweeted “It’ll be wild!” and one has always suspected that Trump had foreknowledge of the January 6th violent attempted coup, perhaps planning the entire thing. There is no real evidence out, or at least there wasn’t.

First things first, as noted here, Alex Jones lies all the time, so much so that one could be tempted to just throw this assertion out. But then again, one of the rules against the admission of hearsay is a statement against one’s own interests, which are thought to be more reliable. Forget evidence rules, is a statement Jones has to know is against his interest more reliable? Why would Jones lie about working with Trump on January 6th? Is it possible that Jones is feeling some heat from law enforcement and wants to shove some off on Trump and the White House? Alright, yes, “anything is possible.” But someone else then has to explain how it is that Alex Jones just up and says that he and Trump were involved in planning “the protest.”

The InfoWars host made the comments on his page. He claims that he put up $500,000 of his own money to be a part of the event. “The White House told me three days before: WE ARE going to have you lead the march,” Jones remarked

Alright. Some will say, “he is only saying that he was told to lead the march, nothing violent.” Except anyone saying such a thing has lost the entire point. What. The. Fck. is the White House (and he’s talking about Trump) doing appointing anyone to do anything for a damned protest! Does the White House normally organize “protests”? According to Jones, Trump and the White House did organize this one.

It is not shocking to hear that the White House is involved. Many of us have thought that the White House was involved at some level. It is shocking that Jones is just up and admitting it. Which again leads us back around to why he’s doing it now?

The conspiracy theorist then said that he coordinated with the Secret Service who took him where the March would begin. Jones continued, “Trump will tell people: Go, and I’m going to meet you at the Capitol.”

Well, if Trump was actually going to lead the people up to the Capitol (Which is what he said during the speech), the Secret Service had to be involved, true. It is weird, though. There was never a chance in hell that Trump was leading them up to the Capitol. We are positive that many reading this have walked from the White House to the Capitol. It is not a walk Trump could do on a sunny day in running shoes and shorts. It is a long long way. He was going to march up there in a suit in January? Pffft. Jones said “meet” at the Capitol, but that’s just as ridiculous because, from that point forward, Trump’s definitely part of whatever happened next.

The story then goes on to quote the original report on the Jones’ statement:

David Pakman of Free Speech TV talked about the accusations this week. He said of the comments, “Bear in mind: Alex Jones lies all the time. He may be lying here, but he may not be. And even if a fraction of this is true, it’s a whole new level of insanity related to those riots…. If Alex Jones is to be believed, he got his marching orders from the Trump White House about the January 6 riots. But understand that if one iota of this is true, the White House helped coordinate the January 6 insurrection with extremist conspiracy theorists.

Well, we won’t go that far, not just yet. Jones did not say that the White House asked him to help coordinate the insurrection, just the march to the Capitol. Trump and his aides could say, “Yeah, sure, we asked Jones to lead a march up there, so? We didn’t tell them to get violent.” True. At least from Jones’s own words, so far.

But again, what was the White House doing organizing the “protest” and especially the march to the Capitol?

The next question will surely be, was Jones inside the Capitol or getting violent? No, we’ve seen pictures of him outside, and he’s not getting violent. He sorta looks worried, like maybe it just occurred to him that it wasn’t a good idea? Or maybe he just realized that there were elements about the march he wasn’t told? Remember, he was asked only three days before. Here is the video, more below:

This is the point we’re obliged to pull out the old video of Marjorie Taylor Greene, also talking about the White House “planning” the January 6th protest, only she did it back in December. We pull it out because we always pull it out. We think it’s key evidence against both of them and we won’t allow it to get swept under the rug. We are not going to let this first-term representative, not even sworn in yet, meeting at the White House. Interesting, Jones seems like a patsy. Was Marj also a…

Peace, y’all
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