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YIKES: Social Media Seems to Think Trump Had an ‘Accident’ After His Speech Saturday Night

This is never easy. We do not make fun of people getting older (which is all of us) and we do not make fun of people whose age or… whatever they’ve done to their bodies in the past, result in a condition beyond their control.

People that do mock others for such conditions do so at their peril. They may feel overwhelming guilt when they find themselves eventually in the same position, if they are lucky enough to live to a ripe old age filled with grandchildren and even great-grandchildren.

But when it comes to Donald Trump, it’s tough. The man is mean. He mocks people for things they cannot help. Their height is a big one. If you are a man and you are under 5’9″ and disliked by Trump, you are most likely “lil” in his book. Still, we don’t want to mock Trump for his age-related conditions, knowing that others deal with the same issues.

Call us soft. We won’t do it.

What we will do is note that there is evidence that Trump is rapidly deteriorating and it’s not something for which to be thankful. We’ve pointed out probably a dozen times this week that even some of Trump’s biggest supporters are deeply disturbed by the “startlingly delusional” belief that he will be reinstated. Just today, just today, he released a video in which he said he would be back in the White House “sooner than you think.”

We have also published pictures in which he looks frail, much more so than before. He looks like he’s having more trouble with grooming himself, an obsession. The stress, the inner anger, the depression, the fact that he feels like a loser (the worst thing possible for Donald Trump) may – just “may” – be taking whatever energy he had left to pump himself up as “the man.”

So, while some might celebrate that it is possible that Trump’s age and lifestyle are finally catching up with him and he may not be able to lead anything in 2022 or 2024, we won’t. Not yet. For right now, it’s not worth celebrating.

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The MAGAs still think of him as their god. Suppose an increasingly delusional, possibly even mid-stage dementia, “god,” put out a statement saying that the only way to take their country back from a party that has stolen it is to take it back by force. He tells them to be “smart about it” and send messages that they are angry. We admit. That is still unlikely. It’s not impossible and everyone knows it, including his wiser supporters.

It is for that reason alone that we’ve very reluctantly – after serious deliberation – posting this tweet. We will not post the hundreds of tweets mocking him, nor do we endorse the caption in this tweet that mocks him. You can find plenty on Twitter if you want to. We mock Trump as a person for what he believes and what he’s done. We do not mock regular aging. We just don’t. We do note physical and mental deterioration in this man due to the risk he causes our nation:

There is very little doubt about what happened there. He likely did wet himself. It is not funny that he may be falling apart. He may not know it. Some around him might know it and are terrified about what they might say or do about it. For now, we’re just terrified of what he’s still capable of. His pants do seem a bit puffy, which could mean a diaper, but it would also mean an ill-fitting one since his pants seem rather damp. And if Trump is falling apart, let’s hope it happens sooner than later, and before 2024 where he will cause some serious problems.

UPDATE: UPDATE: Snopes has done the work and they have determined the pants are on correctly, they are not wet, just wrinkled.


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