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CNN Runs Shocking Report on Rural Arkansas COVID ‘Truthers’ and It’s the Scariest Thing You’ll Watch All Day

As we can surely all agree, perhaps the saddest element of the Trump term is that by the time that COVID came around, the MAGAs were all-in on believing Trump’s every lie. Thus it was that when Trump knew of COVID’s seriousness but determined that he couldn’t say anything for “fear of scaring the country,” the MAGAs determined that the disease wasn’t serious. Moreover, when Biden became president and started talking about 70% of the country vaccinated by July 4th, well – that sealed it. They would die before they’d do anything to help Biden! And that’s exactly what they’re doing, dying to own the libs.

Still, hearing from these people can still shock us, just as what happened upon hearing CNN’s report from rural Arkansas:

Sunny worked as a nurse on a Covid-19 floor of a hospital at the height of the pandemic. The work was hard, but what made it surreal was doing it while living in small town Arkansas, where many people, even some in her own family, said the virus was overblown — “just the flu.”

“It’s extremely difficult to watch so many people die, and then have people tell you on Facebook or in Walmart that you’re a liar,” Sunny said. Sometimes that would come from the loved ones of the patients she was taking care of.

“We had people accuse us of giving their loved one something else so that they would die and we could report it as Covid. We heard it more than once that we were fudging the numbers, or we were k*lling people on purpose to make Covid look like it was worse than it was, or to make it look real when it wasn’t,” she said.

Sunny asked CNN not to use her real name, because some dedicated Covid-19 deniers have harassed health care workers, or tried to get outspoken ones fired.


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You can watch the segment here.

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