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Kayleigh McEnany Matter of Factly Says ‘Trump Created the Vaccine’ and It Is Insanely Cultish

One of the themes in our reporting this Friday is that how strong the cult has become. Yes, MAGA has always been a cult, especially since Trump said Hillary would be put in jail, and talked about building a wall, “proudly racist.” But it’s become stronger with each passing month and it keeps the MAGA  movement relevant due to its danger. It is costing lives.

Kayleigh is so immersed as a MAGA priestess that she is now indoctrinated enough to say that Trump created the vaccine. She wasn’t lying, as you watch it below, you’ll see that she moves right over it as fact, assumed knowledge, she believes what she’s saying. This is, of course, both a lie and an obscenity. The scientists and staff who developed the vaccine were surely highly paid for their work, but there was also a sense of desperation. Numbers like 500,000 – 1,000,000 were being thrown around last year even before they knew that the MAGAs would do all they could to spread it, refusing to wear masks, while also then refusing the vaccines.

Moreover, it’s just so terribly “typical American.” The British and Germans developed vaccines in the same timeframe. The one thing that Trump did was remove normal regulations to allow it to come out faster, just like every other country on Earth. Russia was using its vaccine with very little testing, well before us. Trump couldn’t understand why scientists needed so much time to test it. Far from “creating it,” Trump almost made it more dangerous in wanting it out. In short, Trump did almost nothing, and did what every single president would do, lift normal testing requirements due to the deadliness of the disease.

Trump actually pushed hydroxychloroquine on mild cases and the UV light/bleach cure/

But to Kayleigh, Trump actually donned a lab coat and ran serum through spinners, while selecting the appropriate mRNA chains. Watch this and try to keep from getting sick:

Well that did it:

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden's fault or Trump's fault?

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