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Kyrsten Sinema Tosses Biden-Dems into the Trash: ‘I Don’t Know What Her Problem Is, Quite Frankly’

Who could’ve known. It wouldn’t be Manchin, it wouldn’t be McConnell (well, sort of not), it wouldn’t be some Romney that might shift over, nope. It was Kyrsten Sinema and her one vote, ONE vote, that kept the country from getting President Biden’s $3.5 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, aka “Drag the United States Kicking and Screaming into the 21st Century.” The modern version of the New Deal and the Great Society, only 25 years overdue. Sinema is worried about the “human infrastructure,” (meaning caregivers) and the cost. We worry about the cost of doing nothing.

Good thing Kyrsten isn’t getting older. Oh, wait. And she best get used to hearing that term, “human infrastructure” because as that large block of Americans affectionately known as Boomers get increasingly older and increasingly in need the help from children and family, taking away time to make up income, perhaps Sinema will finally then – too late – realize the horrible mistake she made.

Until then, she’s just going to hear it from the Democratic party, including some of her biggest supporters in Arizona. Moreover, we’re not exactly sure who she’s trying to impress. She isn’t going to lose a centrist primary from the left, and she damned sure isn’t going to win over any MAGAs. If there is one safe seat in America right now to go straight party in, it is hers and John Kelly’s (AKA “America’s Greatest Husband.”)

It is time for Krysten to get a call from the big fella. It is time for Joe Biden to ask Kyrsten over for a coffee and then let Joe explain to her what is going to happen if she doesn’t change her mind. Kick her out. It isn’t like having the majority is doing us a lot of good right now. Let her go Republican, put McConnell in the speaker seat. If neither of them are going to fix the filibuster or vote for our programs, the 18 months makes no difference at all.

We aren’t serious, of course, it would make a difference, but right now Kyrsten needs to remember who got her into the position she is in, the people of the state of Arizona, and if the people who voted for her wanted a MAGA, then they damned well had a choice. Biden really does need to put the screws to her. Fly to Arizona, talk about all the projects in Arizona she is holding up. Talk about what a pity it would be to lose such a great senator and talk about perhaps needing someone to challenge her for the seat.

Kyrsten is hearing about it:

Kyrsten Sinema loses her biggest and most important Arizona endorsement, former Attorney General Grant Woods. Woods says, “I don’t know what her problem is, frankly. A lot of us can’t believe her behavior. Why is she even in the Senate?”

And here is the kiss of death. McConnell looking to pick up a seat, by having Semina move over to the Republican party:

Peace, y’all
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