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‘Leave the Rest to Me’ IS NOT the Key: GOP Reps and Senators Face Prison and Possible End of the GOP

As most everyone knows by now, the New York Times has a bombshell story out about Trump pressuring the DOJ to undermine the election results, ‘Just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me,”

Obviously, the single most important element in the development is that Trump continued to follow directions, screaming fraud, and thus he will then become (if he wasn’t already) the central target in pressuring the A.G. to simply “find” something, anywhere, translated as nothing more than almost “make it up” (that is our characterization, opinion).

The story above is the one burning through the net right now.

We want to write about the stuff “left to the Congressmen.” Weeks ago, we set up a framework based upon facts provided by the new book “I Alone Can Fix It” in which we laid the framework as to why it appeared that the entire operation, probably directed by someone high up (we will not speculate beyond that, though we’d love to), was engineered to whisk Mike Pence away from the building, giving Trump more time, and – possibly, allowing the Secret Service to threaten Pence with possible… we don’t know. We only know that Pence did not trust the Secret Service, very telling.

But we took it further.

We expressly stated that the next step was to investigate those members of Congress, Hawley, Cruz, McCarthy, Boebert, and MTG who helped initiate the objections and not just symbolic objections. In the New York Times bombshell, the evidence may now be in writing in the form of notes from the attorney general’s assistant. This will be a central focus in the investigative committee’s work.

And there it is, leave it to me and the Congressmen. Additionally, given it was tweeted by the oversight committee, it is obvious that it is their focus, too. There will be excruciating proof on Donoghue to give up the Congressman’s names.

“What Donoghue’s notes suggest is that Trump had fully bought into the effort that would eventually become his Alamo: having Republican legislators block the electoral-vote counting due to take place at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

This may well be why McConnell was asking Senators to do him a personal favor. McConnell never moved to have the proceedings blocked, but he likely knew that prominent members of his caucus did. 

And it looks to use like we’ll soon find out who those people might be. The next step, in our opinion, is for Nancy Pelosi to keep Congress in session over their usual August recess. This is the most important issue facing this country in decades. There is no justification to allow any time to pass prior to determining what actually happened that day, and – more importantly, in the weeks before.

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