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Lindsey Graham Has a New Job: He’s Doing Promotions for Chick-fil-A and Willing to Lose All His Dignity

We repeatedly report that Lindsey Graham used to be seen as a good guy and thus we’re going to skip that entire story, assuming that everyone has already heard it. We will spend our time discussing Lindsey’s continued devotion to Chick-fil-A and it’s getting a bit weird.

Recall last weekend when Chick-fil-A and Notre Dame announced that they were putting a franchise on campus? Notre Dame’s decision was not made by the faculty or students, who immediately sent a letter to the administration protesting the move based upon the homophobia that is as associated with Chick-fil-A as waffle fries. (And can we just say that waffle fries suck? Is that controversial? We hope not.) We suppose that they figure if they make a good enough chicken sandwich, they can serve soggy potato stamps right beside them.

We would have said that the homophobia was as associated with Chick-fil-A as the chicken sandwich. But we think that Chick-fil-A is a little high on itself for that particular sandwich. We say this, because, since we were kids having the Schwan man pull up, to the McDonalds Spicy Chicken, to now Chick-fil-A, we ask whether anyone of us ever noticed ten degrees of difference between any of them?

Chicken sandwiches are not prime rib, or rib-eye steaks, there’s no “Sizzler versus Ruth’s Chris” sort of pepsi challenge going on here. There is no Walmart frozen salmon versus Pike’s Market Copper River stuff. They are all chicken sandwiches. Crappy chicken meat, breaded, deep-fried, two pieces of bread, lettuce, mayonnaise. Are we missing something here?

This leaves us with the homophobia, and while we’d never say anything “mean” about Lindsey Graham, nor imply anything, we just figure it’s a bit odd that Lindsey would go out of his way to defend such a homophobic place. Especially since their chicken sandwiches aren’t that noticeably different than the Schwan man’s.

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What? Lindsey is running an ad campaign for Chick-fil-A? How much is he getting paid for these spots? Why is Lindsey so against the Notre Dame students and faculty? Why is he so pro-homophobia?

He used to be such a good guy.

Peace, y’all
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