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Melania Trump Agreed With Her Husband That ‘Shameful’ John McCain ‘Isn’t a War Hero’

Do you need another reason to despise the world’s most wicked… the White House Cruella de Vil? Do you need one more story to seal your opinion of her forever? Of course, not. Melania has been exposed over and over. She is mean beyond words, self-absorbed at a galactic level, and “not smart” (putting it as nicely as possible). Last, and this would hurt Mel the most, she’s nowhere near as pretty as she thinks. She used to be very pretty, but $250K in plastic surgery eventually ends in something botched. It did with Mel.

So let’s combine all of it, mean, self-absorbed, “not smart,” and rather ugly. One can come away with a lot of stories, including a new one. From Business Insider, Mel didn’t think John McCain was a war hero:

Former first lady Melania Trump shared her husband’s low opinion of the late Republican Sen. John McCain’s military record.

“Shared”? Or “followed”? We never got the sense that Mel did any independent thinking on anything except about things that impact Mel. On those issues she was 100% independent, never gave anyone else a thought. On this, she was going along to get along, don’t try to fool us.

She agreed with then-candidate Donald Trump when he said during a 2016 GOP primary event in Iowa that the Arizona senator was “not a war hero,” according to Trump’s former campaign manager Cory Lewandowski.

Lewandowski, who spoke to Insider as part of an oral history project on Trump’s takeover of the GOP, said he and Trump met up with Melania Trump in New Jersey as political pundits and conservative talk-show hosts were saying Trump had to apologize. He thought the comment would end Trump’s campaign.

There were a lot of things that would’ve ended any other campaign. But no one had ever run so hard on the “racism” platform. It overcame a lot of mistakes.

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“As we walked in the door, Mrs. Trump was waiting for us,” Lewandowski said. “She said: ‘You’re right. John McCain isn’t a war hero. What he has done for the veterans has been shameful.'”

What. The. Fck? What does Mel know about the treatment of veterans and how does she somehow calculate that Trump did better? Moreover, Mel’s talking about politics. One becomes a war hero in a war, when one is brave enough to fly a jet over missile fire, gets shot down, then sits in a horrific camp for years, always denying the chance to be freed ahead of the others. The Vietnamese wanted to free the admiral’s son, it was quite a coup. McCain wouldn’t do it. Say what one wants about McCain as a dad or politician, he is absolutely a war hero.

Do we even need to ask what Melania might be willing to do to get out of a bad situation first? Shut up, Mel.


Peace, y’all
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