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New Book: Trump Couldn’t Understand Why COVID Testing Was So Important and Was Told Over and Over Again and Resisted Science the Whole Time

““Everyone says he is crazy – which maybe he is – but the scarier thing about him is that he is stupid. You do not know anyone as stupid as Donald Trump. You just don’t.”

Famed American Author Fran Leibowitz

Donald Trump is stupid, stupid beyond most people’s belief. Nearly every neutral American could see immediately that he wasn’t just a narcissist, he was a moron, too. Who else but a moron believes this is something to be proud of!

“When I look at myself in the first grade and I look at myself now, I’m basically the same. The temperament is not that different.”

We believe him, one of the only times. He punched a teacher in first grade. The amazing thing is that education is supposed to change people’s temperaments. Maturation is supposed to change a person’s temperament. But he was never educated and never matured, processes that most people continue throughout a lifetime.

But it all explains why Trump never did understand COVID. He thought of it like a 1st grader might. As explained by the authors of “I Alone Can Fix It:”

“Any of the complications of, for example, the fact that you need to have trials before you give drugs to hundreds of millions of Americans.

He had no patience for this idea that testing was really valuable to figure out where the virus was spreading so that they could stop it. Remember, in the beginning, Donald Trump didn’t want anybody tested and he didn’t want anybody who was positive to step onto American soil.”

“It’s not just [Trump’s] resistance to the science, but it’s his hostility and an attempt to personally demonize the scientists,” said Rucker. “So, he didn’t just reject what Dr. Fauci was saying, but he tried to make Dr. Fauci into a punching bag for his political base. Trump and his allies made fun of Fauci. Remember that cartoon that Dan Scavino distributed on social media mocking Fauci. Fauci ended up having death threats.”

There are some scientific concepts that take people with Fellowships post-doctorate to understand, there are some scientific concepts that a fifth-grader can understand. Well, this was one over Trump’s head. Watch.

Peace, y’all
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