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Newsmax Host Has Breakdown After Capitol Officer Shuts Down His Insane Conspiracy Theory at Riot Hearing

The country has had to deal with Newsmax’s insufferable and inane Greg Kelly before. You will recall, undoubtedly, that this is the same guy who was offended by the late “First Dog” Champ’s scruffy appearance at age 105 in dog years. We would love to see how Greg Kelly looks before all the makeup and ridiculous fluffing he gets prior to going on the air.

But Greg had a more serious matter blown up today, one that isn’t the slightest bit lighthearted. Kelly is the Newsmax anchor who “invented” the conspiracy theory about Officer Fanone, an outspoken critic of the Republicans on Capitol Hill, the man who tried – and failed – to get a meeting with Kevin McCarthy.

Ever one to cover even the worst of MAGA behavior, Greg suggested that perhaps Fanone was Antifa, or the crowd thought that Fanone was Antifa because he was a plainclothes officer.

Rep. Raskin asked the question that blew that theory out of the water:

“Forgive me for these questions, but I’ve got to ask you. Apparently in some nether regions of the internet it’s being said that you, Officer Fanone, were mistaken for antifa and that’s why you were nearly beaten to death that day and carried into the crowd.”

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Maybe this is a good place to insert that even if Fanone was “Antifa” that is no excuse to nearly beat a man to death. But Fanone was not Antifa, nor did he look like he was Antifa unless Antifa is now wearing police uniforms.

Regardless, interestingly enough (as you’ll see below), Fanone was wearing his police uniform that day and testified as such. This prompted Kelly to try to redeem his conspiracy theory by lifting it to another level:

What. The. Fck? Officer Fanone sees that crowds are amassing, beating the living hell out of anyone getting in the way, thus Fanone puts on his uniform so that at least the crowd would know who they’re beating up (these were the “back the blue” people, after all) and yet that’s a “haphazard” response? Fck you, Greg. (And we’re sorry. We promised to cut down on those, but that’s deserving, if ever.)

Fanone faced a life and death decision, with or without a uniform, because that MAGA crowd didn’t care. It was not a “haphazard” decision. There is no “part of the problem” here. The “entirety” of the problem was that MAGAs descended upon the Capitol for the purpose of chasing Mike Pence out of the way to do his job, or at least that is the “not-quite-yet-proven” theory that more and more people believe is the framework for every element of January 6th.

Sorry, Kelly, but when you find out that operatives within the MAGA movement acted as they did to create an emergency that required Pence to be rushed from the Senate and, at least as planned, driven away in an SUV, you’ll likely figure out that Officer Fanone was not “part” of the problem. (The above is fact, the only speculation is the motivation behind the actions taken).

Watch this mic-drop:

Nicely done.

Now start talking about the rumors going around Capitol Hill about who knew what. We know the rumors. No one can print them, but we know them. If we know them, Fanone knows far more than we do.

Peace, y’all
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