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Outrageous Bombshell: First Felony Rioter to Plead Guilty Gets Low-End Sentence, Eight Months, Progressives OUTRAGED on Twitter

Zachery Wilson from Missouri was the first rioter to have plead guilty to a felony and receive his sentence. In the process, Wilson’s attorney asked that Wilson serve no time in jail (Sentences under a year generally are served in county jails), while prosecutors sought 18 months in prison, a stiff term for a first-time offender who committed trespassing and interfering with a Congressional proceeding.

We reported on Saturday that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch issued an editorial demanding that judges throw the book at these defendants as being too dangerous, that the crime committed is far more serious than the charges convey. The judge made some points just prior to sentencing Wilson, to an entirely insufficient eight months.

The joy with which these people violently overtook Congress will end up hurting all rioters facing sentencing. Many of them looked like they were amusing themselves, not appreciated the danger and seriousness of what they were doing.

The judge continued to note the seriousness of what happened in preparation and justification for the sentence to be imposed.

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Committing a crime because one doesn’t like the results of an election, or doesn’t like the vote Congress is about to take is clearly unacceptable and without a serious sentence, others may believe it can be done without serious consequences.

WOW, the judge then said that the events make democracy itself harder for our children and grandchildren – which is absolutely true, but something that might not even be in the record as argued by prosecutors.

As judges do, the judge then weighed mitigating factors:

Judge says credit for not spreading a message on social media but then says January 6th will stain the country for a long time to come.

The judge then waved away the first-time offender argument, noting that the judge must deter future similar conduct. The judge also cited the fact that Hodgkins brought goggles, proving he was ready for mayhem and it was obvious that he was prepared to engage the riot and rush to the Capitol:

And then the huge disappointment. Eight months in jail:

This is a horrific start in the sentencing of the rioters, though Hodgkins was credited for pleading first. Highly disappointing. The prosecution asked for 18 months, the probation and parole service recommended 15 months, and Hodgkins’ attorney recommended no time served.

Overall a huge disappointment to many.

It is insufficient given the seriousness of the crime. One might blame the prosecutors for not charging him with a more serious crime, but the judge did not have to split the baby, either.

Terribly disappointing.
Peace, y’all
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