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Psaki Mocks Peter Doocy’s Dumb Question About Biden Calling Trump to do a PSA, ‘It Shouldn’t Need an Embroidered Invitation!’

Jen Psaki is losing her patience, as she well should. She has already demonstrated far more than most of us could ever dream of retaining. She appears to be sick of hearing questions about the administration’s commitment to getting the country vaccinated – without requiring vaccination of everyone – and that’s not something that the administration should be apologizing about.

Today, Psaki’s regular Lex Luther, Peter Doocy lined up for his regular smack but didn’t get a regular crackback. Doocy got a twofer. Jen’s primary ‘diss went out to TFG, while the answer itself was dripping with enough condescension so as to leave plenty of mockery for Doocy:

Let’s set this up with a development from yesterday. Trump addressed the lack of trust between the MAGAs and the federal government:

“They don’t trust the election results, and they certainly don’t trust the Fake News.”

The statement itself seems to validate his supporters’ distrust of the federal government, seeing them as lying to the public about fake news and this would seem to include the government’s statements on the vaccine. So, today, Doocy asked:

“Would President Biden call (Trump) and say ‘I need your help let’s cut a PSA’ and tell people to go do it. (get vaccinated).

Ha, Jen is far too smart to take the bait about Biden asking for Trump’s help. If she answered the question straight up, Trump could dance around saying that everyone needs his help to fix everything.

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“We’ve seen almost every former president play a role in putting out a PSA, making sure people understood people in the country the vaccine is safe and effective.

“We don’t believe that requires an embroidered invitation to be a part of, but certainly, any role of anyone who has a platform where they can provide information to the public that the vaccine is safe, it is effective, we don’t see this as a political issue. We’d certainly welcome that engagement.”

And there you go. She was not about to ask for Trump’s help. That sort of help is supposed to be offered by statesmen long before they need an “embroidered” invitation. So Trump knows he can shoot a PSA at any time he wants. But since it’s not a political issue, they’re not about to ask him. He can do it himself because this isn’t political and the White House would welcome that.

Boom, and all the bait left on the hook. She is really growing into this job, taking it to new levels

Peace, y’all
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