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PUNKED: Fox Falls for RIGHT-WING Fake, Airing False Affirmative Action Story — But No Apology, No Retraction

As you read this, keep whispering in your mind, “They haven’t retracted it, they haven’t retracted it, they haven’t…” and then ask yourself if Fox even cares about whether they ate the biggest slice of punk cake served in the DFW Metroplex, or whether they’re just find keeping the ruse going.

The facts are easily laid out:

Parents in the white and wealthy Dallas suburb of Highland Park received flyers from a group calling themselves “Dallas Justice Now.” The flyers stated that parents should not allow their high school aged kids to apply to Ivy League schools. They needed to “leave room” for applicants of color. The flyer went so far as to threaten parents by publishing their names as “racists” if they didn’t sign the pledge, the one barring them from sending kids to Ivy League schools.

Now, if you got such a flyer on your door, would you look at it for more than five seconds? No. One would either figure it was some rather insane group from the far far far left or some insane group from the… right. One would figure that no matter the intent, the means is all wrong and ridiculous. The “publishing the names” part is the real giveaway. That’s absurd.

But not for Fox. According to C&L:

On Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson stand-in [Fox News link] Mark Steyn crowed about white liberals willing to go all-in for Black Lives Matter until it affected their kids’ Ivy League standing: “So if you white liberal allies are just thinking you can point your tax-deductible donation to the El Paso Festival of Aspiring Rappers, that ain’t going to cut it anymore.” Steyn sniffed.

The story bubbled through the right-wing ecosphere: everyone from Candace Owens to PJ Media wanted to “call out” white liberals who were “exposed” as hypocrites by a “Black activist organization.”

Wrong. The only thing exposed was a Right-Wing group desperate for attention and angry that the liberals don’t play games one sees with regularity on the Right. (A conservative evangelical group could absolutely do the reverse equivalent.) According to the Dallas Observer:

Online research also connects Arena to Keep Dallas Safe, an organization run by a confirmed astroturfer, suggesting there may be deeper connections between these efforts in terms of funders and strategy.

Arena has worked for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the Michigan Republican Party and various other right-wing politicians and political campaigns. They also appear to have worked with Keep Dallas Safe, according to the Luceo Solutions site index as well as source code of the Keep Dallas Safe staging website. (Earlier this year, Keep Dallas Safe targeted candidates in the Dallas City Council election with false claims that they intended to defund the police.)

The thread goes on demonstrating how this is almost surely not real (it is proven sufficiently to us that it’s not real), but Bowers summarizes this as:

This is what Project Veritas does on a regular basis. And yet there hasn’t been a retraction, there hasn’t been a retraction, there hasn’t been a retraction…

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