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Rep. Swalwell Reveals How Fake MAGA Politicians Like Matt Gaetz and Ted Cruz Are, ‘It’s Like Pro Wrestling!’

Many of us have long written about the fact that MAGA politics and culture are more about showmanship than actual policy or concern for the country. Consider Rush, Hannity, Cruz, Hawley, O’Reilly, and ultimately, Trump – even though the only “character” that Trump plays is himself. As we go through this, keep in mind that long before Trump went into politics, he was a big WWE fan. It is all about the show, like a movie, it’s fake. Perhaps that’s why Trump does so well. It’s an extension of what he’s done all his life, being an asshole.

So, some of our best friends in the media, our brothers over at Meidas Touch (We all grew up together two years ago, no financial ties), had Eric Swalwell on their podcast (linked below), and Swalwell gave the most brilliant breakdown of modern-MAGA that we’ve ever heard.

As you listen to Swalwell, recall how many times we’ve told the story about Lindsey Graham. About 10-12 years ago, Lindsey Graham was one of the most popular guys in the Senate. Even among Democratic staffers, people knew, “Lindsey’s actually a great guy.” If a new staffer in a Democratic office cracked some joke about Lindsey, practically the entire office would say, “Hold up, hold up, Lindsey is one of the nicest guys we have and he’s brilliant.”

Now, we don’t know what happened because it doesn’t seem like Lindsey is a pro-wrestler but… as you’ll see in the podcast, Swalwell says modern MAGAs politicians approach politics as pro-wrestling. Swalwell says

“It is pro-wrestling, to be honest, many of my colleagues would be better suited for the WWE. And I say that because I’ve worked with Gaetz on marijuana issues and other issues, especially before Trump really took off and he turned into a real character.

You know, there were times he (Gaetz) would laugh at himself about how stupid he needed to act to keep the act going and that’s what is so frustrating. This may sound crazy, but if you ran into Matt Gaetz or Ted Cruz or Jim Jordan at the Santa Monica pier, you would say, “these are nice guys, they’re nothing like what I see on TV.

And I write about this in the book, during the impeachment trial in the Senate, Ted Cruz came up to me, and we bumped into each other in the senate bathroom and he said, “Hey, I think you’re doing a great job out there, I just wanted you to know that.” And I think; “What the fck is this guy talking about, you just scorched me on Fox News the night before. He tweets at me about every other week. But to him, if you’re a pro wrestler, it doesn’t matter if you hit someone over the head with a chair, it’s all fake, right? You’re just doing what the fans want. So he thinks I should just be cool with it because he projects on me because he thinks I am just performing as well.

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That is what is so sickening to me because I don’t even know what these guys believe, I really don’t. I think they’re just giving the fans what they want. It’s crazy, there’s a colleague of mine who is a ranking member on one of the committees and he and I have gone out to dinner before and tried to work on some issues together in the healthcare space, but then he becomes popular and he starts teeing off on me, I’d see him on Fox News and then a day later, we pass on the Capitol steps and he says, “Hey, I gotta great restaurant we gotta go to, let’s try to find some time and do it.”

And I just say “What they hell!” and that’s the point, to these guys, none of this is real, none of this is real.

Enjoy, because this is one of the most concise breakdowns we’ve seen and all of it rings true. (By the way, the “high ranking member of the committee referenced? We are guessing, just guessing, but we suspect it is Jim Jordan).

Peace, y’all
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