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You Will Never Guess Which First Lady Received the Worst Popularity Ratings in History

Apparently, there’s one thing Melania Trump has in common with her husband, former President Donald Trump: Both have disastrous approval ratings. When Trump left the White House, his ratings plummeted to historic lows and now it’s been revealed that as her term ended Melania earned the lowest popularity for any first lady in polling history, CNN reports.

That’s according to a recent CNN/SSRS poll places the former first lady’s favorability rating at 42 percent to a 47 percent unfavorable rating. It’s the highest unfavorability rating CNN has ever recorded for Melania. But from a historical perspective, it’s also precipitously high.

First ladies are usually universally admired. One doesn’t have to be elected to this position, after all, and it’s one that tends to be uncontroversial. Which of course, means it’s difficult to be unpopular.

And of course, Melania’s ratings are in sharp contrast to those of Michele Obama’s, who ended her term with a 69 percent favorability rating. It’s also worth noting that no first lady has come close to Barbara Bush’s impressive 85 percent favorability rating. It’s likely Dr. Jill Biden won’t achieve this rating either, but she’s definitely acing Melania and with just a few months in office already has a 58 percent to 29 percent unfavorable rating.

During her time in office, Melania was largely invisible and maintained a rather chilly mien and this undoubtedly influenced these ratings. And she did little to counter her husband’s violent commentary and really couldn’t be bothered to say much after the insurrection at the Capitol building because she was reportedly busy during a photoshoot. Never once as the deadly riots unfolded did she even call for peace. In fact, it was several days before she issued a statement on the tragedy.

It’s not shocking that her favorability rating is as horrible as it is. Rarely did she ever reach out to everyday Americans. Unlike Michele Obama, who did so much to get people in sync with their health. And really, after this former first lady’s warmth and vitality, Melania seemed kind of like a shock to me.

So Melania can take those stiletto heels and walk right on out of here and it’s fine with me.

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