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Trump’s British Open Golf Temper Tantrum Reveals Another One of Trump’s Humiliating and Pathetic Lies

On Saturday, for purely entertainment reasons, we reported on the fact that Trump was at home in Bedminster stewing over the fact that the British Open has refused to allow his Turnberry golf course to host the Open since Trump purchased the club. (Now renamed “Trump Turnberry,” which is sacrilege in Great Britain, due to the course’s historic nature) Trump was forced to watch last weekend’s British Open played at another course.

We submitted a small quote from Trump’s statement due to the fact that we don’t want to encourage links to Trump’s website. As we reported, Trump referenced himself in the third person, saying that the tournament organizers don’t want to recognize a wonderful man named Donald J. Trump.

We focused entirely upon Trump’s whines and skipped right over the whopper of a lie, a humiliating lie, right in the very center of the statement and that lie has been the subject of a lot of ridicule and scorn since the statement was issued. It also comports with a famous book written about Trump and his penchant for cheating at golf. Here is the Trump’s full statement, first:

As almost all of the great players, sportscasters, and golf aficionados know, the greatest site and course of all for The Open is Turnberry, in Scotland, It is truly a magical place, the players want to be there, and at some point in time the players will be there.

But this course was not chosen for The Open because they consider a wonderful person, and many-time Club Champion, named Donald J. Trump, to be too controversial—this is, of course, a false reputation caused mainly by the Fake News Media. It is a shame that the phenomenal Turnberry Golf links, the best in the World, sits empty during Open Championships, while far lesser courses are on display. Oh well, life proceeds forward! Someday The Open will be back at Turnberry,”

While we focused on “controversial” and “wonderful,” many reviewed the claim about being a “many-time club champion” which has already been researched and mocked mercilessly as one of his biggest lies.

Rawstory referenced Rick Reilly’s best selling book on how Trump cheats at golf, in which he states:

So here was Trump caterwauling about 18 golf championships that were faker than Cheez Whiz, and it started to make me think. How much of what Trump says about his golf brilliance does the country believe? During the campaign, when Trump stood up in front of 30,000 red hats and bloviated, “When it comes to golf, very few people can beat me,” did people buy that? Because 50 guys at every course in America can beat him.”

It is a ridiculous lie in a sport that depends upon players to call penalties on themselves and puts a premium on honesty in scoring.

Reilly also wrote:

“Somebody should point out that the way Trump does golf is sort of the way he does a presidency, which is to operate as though the rules are for other people.

Somebody should explain that facts and truth are to Trump what golf scores and crowd sizes are—”feelings”—malleable and negotiable, flitting this way and that like a car-lot balloon man.”

Well, it is not surprising and it is horrifically dangerous at the top of the political ladder. But when it comes to golf, it is pure entertainment. We felt like sharing because one should milk as much laughter out of Trump as one can get.

Peace, y’all
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