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Fox News’ Gutfeld: Time for Boomers to Take Democratic Party Back from Young ‘Loonies’ Like AOC

We at this site often find ourselves sitting around – at various spots in the country, never in the same room, unfortunately – for the one guy who works here, wishing among ourselves that the hardest of the hardcore Republicans would give us some advice when it comes to how to succeed as a party and pushing our Democratic agenda through.

Cue the laugh track.

Tonight, The Five were talking about something to do with ending the moratorium on rent, and how AOC was disappointed in the outcome because many Democrats joined Republicans in ending it. AOC had said that we cannot blame the Republicans, the Democrats were just as “complicit.” Whether AOC is right or wrong on policy, she’s simply stating the truth about the vote and that’s very very dangerous to those people who find themselves in the Republican party and are used to MAGA rules.

We are not going to pretend to know enough about the policy regarding moratoriums on rent, we do know that people who own property need to make their payments, too, or the pain just gets passed along. At some point it needs to end, whether now was the time or not, we’re in no position to judge. But The Five certainly judged AOC and the generation she represents.

Jessie Watters said: “AOC is the least effective member of Congress, basically.”

Then why are you talking about her, jackass? Break me a fcking give. There are members of Congress from our own home states that we cannot name but we all know AOC and what she stands for. We also know she is the future and one of the fundamental differences between Democrats and Republicans is that we tend to long for a better future rather than long for a return to the past.

Then Gutfeld got involved:

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I think she’s incredibly talented, but she hasn’t lived enough to be that arrogant in her wisdom. The problem with the Democratic Party is that their hard, loony left are young and ignorant in terms of wisdom. They don’t know how the world works. And they’re not gonna listen to me.

True, we are not going to listen to you, so why are you wasting words? Talk about ping pong, Vikings, or unicorns. It will be more interesting and useful.

We don’t think you’re incredibly talented, and we’d have thought that you’d have lived long enough to be very careful in using the words “arrogant” in judging someone else. We would have also thought you’d have lived long enough to know that “wisdom” comes in all kinds of different forms, some of it in hope, hope that one can change the world, hope that things don’t have to be the way they were in the past, hope that people like Gutfeld don’t notice that the many many great Boomer Democrats are not threatened by young Democrats who want to try different approaches and do not see it as “their” party any more than AOC’s party, or the “suburban housewives” party. (Trump term).

Back to Gutfeld:

I’ve said this before — The Five, we’ve raised raise the flags, we’ve called out violence, cancel culture, the mob mentality. But when we do it it doesn’t land with the Democrats. So you need the remaining, sensible, i.e., older Democrats to take responsibility, you know? And pretend you didn’t hear it from us. Make it your idea and we’ll salute you. It’s time for old people in the Democratic Party to take their party back from the young and loony.

How old is Joe Biden, again? Has Gutfeld even considered the fact that the wonderful boomers that remain in the Democratic party are proud to share the party with people of all ages and see diversity as a strength? (We are proud David Hogg is a member of our party, and see it as strength). Has he ever considered the fact that the many great boomers in the Democratic party don’t consider it “their” party any more than it’d David Hoag’s party? AOC’s Party? PoliticalFlare.com’s party?

That’s the thing that Greg will never understand. We are a “party” because it doesn’t belong to anyone. It is made up of young people, middle-aged people, older Americans, white, black, Asian, immigrant, LGBTQ, all of us. We Gen Xer’s wouldn’t trade our Boomers for Trump’s MAGAs of all ages. It is their party. It’s AOC’s and the Millenial’s party. It’s Gen X’s party.

And Greg? Here’s the worst news of all. Look the fck out, Greg, cuzz you ain’t see nuthin’ yet. The Zoomers are comin’ for you, and they’re out of the flipping minds liberal. If you think you know how to use social media, well, let’s put it this way, your name will be associated with K-Pop in a week if you piss them off, and right now, you don’t even know what K-Pop means! That oughta scare you.

We’d put up their student councils over our gridlocked Senate any day of the week. No wonder you want Boomers to own the party, it’s about to be part-owned by folks that use social media better than the Russians and they aren’t real impressed by “old guys” who talk about being wiser than them.