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GOP Rep. Kinzinger Goes Straight at Kevin McCarthy Testifying: ‘What Are You Afraid Of?’

In criminal courts, defendants often don’t say a word. If they speak to defend themselves, they open themselves up to a withering cross-examination, usually done by excellent prosecutors who specialize in just such a thing. Of course, a defendant’s goal in a criminal prosecution is to simply walk out the door of the courtroom at the end. When it comes to Congressional investigations, political concerns are the biggest concern, except in extreme examples. Kevin McCarthy seems unwilling to testify in what will not be a court of law and his refusal to testify would not only taint him politically but also taint his entire party, at least the 98% that are MAGAs.

To be sure, though, even though McCarthy won’t be in a court of law, he would be under oath, which might require him to take the Fifth Amendment, his American right, but not a good political look. Perhaps there are hints of something dark lurking around the corner here.

GOP House member Adam Kinzinger has acted heroically for the last two years after he was one of the few Republican who read the entire Mueller report. We are not engaging in hyperbole by using the word heroic. He has lost relationships with family members, put his seat in jeopardy, and lost all power in his caucus. He doesn’t care. Now he is out directly challenging Kevin McCarthy, asking him the same questions we would all ask McCarthy. What are you hiding?

Kinzinger laid out his case, indicting much of the Republican party: (Video Below)

“I would support subpoenas to anybody who can shed light on that, f that’s theĀ  leader, that’s the leader. If it’s anybody that talked to the president that can provide us that information. I want to know what the president was doing every moment of that day after he said I’m going to walk with you to the Capitol after Mo Brooks stood up and said we’re going to kick backside and take names, today’s the day that patriots take their country back from other people.”

“If the National Guard took five or six hours to get to Capitol Hill, did the president make any calls? And if he didn’t, why? And if he did, of course, then how come the National Guard still takes five hours? I think had the president picked up the phone and made a call, the guard would have been there immediately.”

From what we’ve read (and we’re certain we know less than Kinzinger) the investigation as to what happened needs to cover what happened weeks prior to January 6th, and the notes released by DOJ promise to do just that.

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If anybody is scared of this investigation, I ask you one question. What are you afraid of? I mean, either you’re afraid of being discovered of having some culpability in it or what? If you think it wasn’t a big deal then you should allow this to go forward.”

That is obviously a rhetorical question. Kinzinger knows exactly why certain people don’t want to testify and there is one person he picked out for special consideration. Leaker McCarthy. What is he afraid of? Perhaps we know.

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