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Lawyers Ask Scotland to Investigate Trump’s Golf Courses Under ‘McMafia’ Law

The staff at this site has always believed that it would take a real attorney general, an intelligence/anonymous source to the NYT or WaPo, or another country, to reveal the real truth about Trump in order to establish the bizarre bullsh*t that went on between Trump-Deutsche Bank-Russia, and how those three entities, joined at the hip, seemed to come together to very nearly destroying NATO, America’s standing in the world, and – oh yeah, democracy in the United States. And we’re not out of the woods. (Conveniently Retired Justice Kennedy’s son is an executive at Deutsche, btw, just saying.)

What the United States couldn’t, or wouldn’t, do, Scotland may be ready to step up and establish what went on with these cash purchases of world-famous golf courses made by a guy who has never had any cash and has done nothing but lose money ever since.

Lawyers for a global activist organization are keeping up their pressure for a “McMafia” law order in Scotland to force former President Donald Trump to reveal the sources for his all-cash purchases and development of his two Scottish golf resorts.

“It’s evident from the matters set out in the petition that there are real and substantial concerns about financial arrangements of the Trump Organization, of which Mr. Trump is the sole or principal owner,” Kay Springham, a lawyer for the U.S.-based nonprofit Avaaz, argued last week in a virtual hearing before Scotland’s highest civil court, The Scotsman reported.

Scotland seems to have a very simple law. If a writer in the United States who – for the purposes of this article, we’ll call “Jason” – suddenly purchased two of the world’s most famous golf courses for tens to hundreds of millions of dollars, the government smells a rat and can investigate whether Jason is moving money for someone else, because even though Jason is a great writer, he’s not that great.

The United States has similar laws but they were never applied against Trump because the U.S. laws are not applied as aggressively against anyone in the U.S., Trump didn’t make as many cash purchases in the United States, Trump doesn’t have properties in the United States losing money at the rate of the U.K. properties and perhaps because Trump ended up being the president of the United States for a good period.

Trump triggered suspicions when he purchased land in Aberdeenshire in 2006 and then the Turnberry resort in 2014 in all-cash transactions at a time when he was seriously strapped for cash and couldn’t find banks willing to lend him money.

Trump’s Scottish resorts have yet to turn a declared profit — despite the millions of dollars he has pumped into them. The resorts, according to the Trump Organization, lost about $75 million in eight years through 2019.

It will be highly interesting to see what happens if and when the Scottish investigators really go through the books and look at how and why all that cash suddenly dropped in Trump’s bank accounts, almost surely at Deutsche. What they find might tell the world exactly what’s been going on, perhaps right on down to the fact that Trump doesn’t even own Trump.

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