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Now Fox’s Larry Kudlow Hit with Harrassment Suit: Will There Be Any Man Left Standing?

Why doesn’t Fox just go to an all-women broadcast team?

We know, we know, true – there aren’t enough blondes in the country, nor enough salons with the perfect blonde highlights. And it is true that things didn’t exactly work out any differently when Kimberly Guilfoyle was there. But, look, it was Kimberly Guilfoyle. There aren’t many women like her out there, thankfully. Most men prefer women who talk that “cute” talk alone in a room with one man, not in a room with one-hundred. What was one to expect?

Larry Kudlow is being sued by a 27-year-old staffer. Kudlow is 163 years old in television years and what he’s even doing speaking to 27-year-old women about anything other than the professional script, camera angles, and the news to report – you know, her job, is entirely beyond us. Maybe it’s okay for a 3o-year-old man to ask about where she’s been going out on weekends, (Nicely) but Kudlow? Mediaite has the basics and because we’re a family site, we use asterisks, so we appear on all family platforms and we’re leaving out the specifics because the specifics are not proven, nor are they something anyone wants to hear.

An employee of the Fox Business Network has sued the cable network, making claims of racist and sexist remarks by host Larry Kudlow, s*xual harassment by analyst Andrew Napolitano, and other gossipy allegations in an error-riddled complaint filed in New York.

The lawsuit from plaintiff John Fawcett was filed by Ty Clevenger, an attorney from Plano, Texas who has made a name for himself in recent years suing other lawyers, judges, and political figures. This isn’t Clevenger’s first time suing Fox News; he is also representing former Fox News anchor Ed Henry in a lawsuit filed a month ago against Fox, CNN, National Public Radio, and several other media personalities.

Hang on right there. We would be the last people to criticize “error-riddled” stuff, except when it comes to court complaints because, generally speaking, one doesn’t have a deadline, or shouldn’t have a deadline if one’s had the case a while, and can put the complaint away for a week and read it again a week later and find errors (Impossible in writing daily updates).

But the fact that this isn’t his first rodeo in suing all kinds of high profile people isn’t necessarily a good sign for the plaintiff or her case These are not hard lawsuits to win. They are hard negotiations to pound out, but there is not a lot of legal complexity involved. We are skeptical, not because she’s a woman (the opposite) but because lawyers have been known to go “looking for clients” and despite the fact that it is a huge ethical no-no, it does happen. We are going to give Kudlow the benefit of some doubt here on whether the behavior was as severe as perhaps claimed in the complaint. No one can know until it is all sorted out.

On the other hand, Kudlow worked at Fox News, where disdain for the of women as individualized, dignified, sisters, with professional minds to contribute without regard to being hit on is sort of an entry-level requirement. Women are to be toyed with if one wants to work at Fox, it starts at the top. He wouldn’t last 20 seconds at this company and not just because it’s run by women.

So now Kudlow has been sued, it was likely only a matter of time. There have long been rumors that Kudlow has substance or alcohol abuse issues and we’re certainly not going to joke about that or wish him anything but good health. But this harassment must stop. It is not necessarily a right or left thing, Matt Lauer… But damn, it’s like the entire Fox network has been wiped out. Maybe there’s some sort of association between strong conservatism and disregard for the rights of women… It’s almost seeming like there’s a link there…

Peace, y’all
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