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Texas Sculptor Creates ‘Mt. Trumpmore’ and Has Plan for Trump to Be Added to Mt. Rushmore

Everything about Trump is about the sale, making money, the money, the money, the money, Trump will be the only president in United States history who will die worried more about how much money he made than whether he was a good or bad president. Actually, in a perverted way, we might understand why he would invert the order of importance.

So why wouldn’t MAGAs take the cue from their leader and also get in on the grift? Well, they certainly have, they’ve been there from the beginning, too. From the actors paid $50 to cheer as Trump came down the elevator to Trace Guthrie, a sculptor who sells $250 clay sculptures of Trump in between Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln that he calls, “Mount Trumpmore.”

If the name “Trump” lingers around anything, there’s a buck not far behind. Gurthrie is not only a sculptor willing to take your $250 in exchange for a terrible Mt. Trumpmore, he also tries to sell fiction. Gurthrie is quoted as saying:

The guy is, they say, a billionaire, but he’s got a blue collar on him. He actually gets out there with those construction people building his buildings, and he knows them,

Yes, Trump knows them because he meets them in depositions when they sue him for skimping out on his bills, or they know him because he had a seven step program on how to serve him a Diet Coke, so – yes, they do get to know him.

Regardless, if you have $250 that is genuinely bothering you and you’d like to get rid of it, the Venmo address here is [email protected]… you can buy a Mount Trumpmore of your very own, and as we let our creative side loose, we could come up with some ways to use one.

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