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Dan Quayle, Believe it or Not, May Have Saved American Democracy

We have known for some time that Mike Pence faced immense pressure from Trump and some others inside the administration to throw the election back to the states, where state legislatures would stall it out, sending the election back to the House of Representatives where each state got one vote. Trump wins 27-23, game over, Trump is inaugurated and it’s all by the Constitution except the Mike Pence part allowing the question to go back to the states.

Instead, we’ve all also read that Mike Pence was committed to doing his job, indeed he did do his job despite being under that immense pressure. Mike did more than we knew. For reasons that have yet to be sufficiently investigated, making everyone worry they never will be, Pence refused to get into a Secret Service SUV under the Capitol in an attempt to rush him away in the midst of the January 6th riot. He didn’t know the agents in the SUV and didn’t trust them to bring him back to do his job. If his job wasn’t done, then again, the election goes to the House of Representatives. Instead, Pence said he was staying, he didn’t trust strangers.

But now we are learning that Pence really did try to find a Constitutional means to do what Trump ordered, even though he knew that they lost the election. Pence called Dan Quayle, the only Republican Vice President who had been in the same position, having to read the electoral college votes. He could have just as easily called Al Gore, who read his own demise and even refused to take objections. But Pence called Dan Quayle and Quayle saved American democracy.

We are in the waning days of our democracy when one is relying on Dan Quayle to save us.

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