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Eric Swalwell Goes Hard After the Representatives Potentially Involved in January 6 Riot

Eric Swalwell has been a rising star within the Democratic party for the last five years and a brief attempt at the Democratic nomination did nothing to slow him down. He is a straight-up guy who is actually willing to defend the Republicans and give them credit when they’ve earned it but can also be brutal when necessary. He also has a razor-sharp wit.

Swalwell is actively involved in the follow-up on January 6th and holding people responsible, including the higher-ups who believe that they can get away with anything. So far, the “get away with anything seems to have a perfect record and is one of the reasons why we’ve lost faith in Merrick Garland and partly why the MAGA politicians seem more willing to simply do their shameless work in daylight, witness the voting restrictions and the Texas abortion law as but two examples.

As near all know, the select committee on January 6th has subpoenaed records from about one dozen MAGA House members. These records are nothing more than logbooks, not recordings of conversations or anything too personal, and we presume that any that don’t apply to the investigation will be thrown out (The text to the young mistress before the wife).

Thus it is, that many of us find it quite telling when those whose records have been subpoenaed are screaming, rather loudly, while most of the other Republicans are… not. There doesn’t seem to be as much team spirit on this one and it makes us wonder how many of the 200 plus GOP Representatives share some of Liz Cheney’s views on the matter but aren’t as brave.

Swalwell has certainly picked up on a theme here, and – as we said, he isn’t scared to call people out:

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That is one brutal tweet. Straight-up telling people, “these are the ones we think were involved.” It is even stronger than the statement itself because, as we’ve speculated, we suspect that in Washington DC, among certain circles, centered on the Capitol, a lot of people know a lot of things about January 6th, off the record, of course.

After all, in the moment, we know that Cheney screamed at Jordan, during the riot itself, “You fcking did this!” which is awfully specific, and personal, when you think about it.

We should have been learning about inside records and “areas of concern” via the FBI and DOJ, during press conferences after announcements of indictments. Unfortunately, there is nothing to indicate that the FBI has any interest in doing anything except catching the patsies, in order to appear like they’re doing their jobs.

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