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January 6th Committee Now Majorly Focused on Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows

Pretty soon we will have to ask whether there’s anyone who has ever been around Trump and hasn’t gone down in a flaming wreck, whether it is legal or social or both. We know that everyone who worked on Trump’s 2016 campaign – seemingly – was charged and convicted of some felony, often lying to the FBI.

Most who worked for him in the White House cannot get a job or at least not a job on par with prior White House experience or a job outside of the MAGA ecosphere. Thus it is that they stay “stuck” to Trump, there’s nowhere else to go.

Mark Meadows is a prime 1 example. Meadows had been a North Carolina congressman without a want in the world, but he traded it in to be Trump’s chief of staff. Now, Meadows appears to be about to go through some things.

Last week, the House Select Committee investigating January 6 requested 35 telecom and social media companies hold and preserve records of the ex-president’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, among others. They wanted to know whether the former president and his White House were involved in planning or at least knew of the incoming insurrection.

The Committee requested records of several hundred individuals including Meadows and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and 10 of his Republican cohorts. We knew that he called Trump during the failed coup asking for help.

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It should make for some interesting reading given that Meadows was the man who was at Trump’s side on January 6th, and we’ve read reports which state that Trump was “delighted” with January 6th, right up until two things became clear, the people weren’t “classy” (According to one report) and when it failed even after becoming violent. It sounds as though we’re going to get to hear directly from Meadows and perhaps get him to explain how the Italian satellites got mixed up in the American presidential election.

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