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Mary Trump Explains Why Don Jr. is the ‘Stupidest’ of All Trump’s Children and Twitter Agrees!

Move over Eric, you’ve lost your only claim to fame.

All those Saturday Night Live skits will look dated. It has been an article of faith – with what seemed like irrefutable evidence at the time – that Eric was “the dumb one.” Of course, of course, the moniker was always followed up by something like “by a hair” or “splitting atoms,” or something to that effect.

But Mary Trump, who has been involved with her cousins since they were young and has had extensive psychological training, thus someone with a professional eye, assures us, it’s Don Junior that holds the prize. According to The Hill:

Appearing on this week’s episode of the “UnPresidented” podcast, Mary Trump, a psychologist who has written a highly-critical book about former President Donald Trump, referred to her cousin Donald Trump Jr. as “weak” and “the stupidest one” in her family.

“Donnie is a deeply unintelligent person. I’ve been asked this, who’s the stupidest one, and it’s him,” Mary Trump said.

“He has no core. He has no ideology,” Trump added, before saying her cousin has an ability to “out-racism anybody, he’ll out-misogyny anybody, he’ll sh00t as many innocent animals as possible to get whatever passes for affection in my family.”

No core, huh? We wonder where he got that gene? Of course, his dad has a core value, it is money and power. But given that dad had those covered, and because firstborn sons always want to please the father, it would seem like a core value for money would ever be enough, it would have no meaning.

There is this tiny tiny tiny tiny part of us that feels a bit bad for Junior. After all, he never really did stand a chance, never got hugged, never got an “I’m so proud of you,” never got “Hey, let’s go to the game!” He didn’t have to turn out quite this bad and there was plenty of therapy available. Still, as a matter of pure stupidity, which has nothing to do with “core” anything except one’s frontal lobe, we trust Mary.

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Twitter seems to agree:


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