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Melania’s Former BFF Thinks Ivanka is Secretly Behind Stephanie Grisham’s New Melania Tell All Book

First of all, and we cannot emphasize this enough, we are reporting on nothing more than Stephanie Wolkoff’s latest theory regarding the British Press’s view on Trump-Palace intrigue. As for the premise? As for Stephanie Wolkoff’s opinion as to the purpose of Stephanie Grisham’s book that is likely going to slam Melania? That it might be Ivanka’s first White House move, we could not possibly be laughing harder.

Someone on the staff of this website will be president before Ivanka (Her name is Nicole). According to the Independent:

A former friend of Melania Trump says her ex-aide’s tell-all book could be linked to a White House bid by Ivanka Trump.

Yes, and a current employee of Political Flare says that the owner pays wages that prove she’s saving for a presidential bid. But, do go on Independent:

During her time in the Trump administration, Stephanie Grisham served as the first lady’s chief of staff and press secretary but also as White House communications director and press secretary, famously becoming the only top administration spokesperson to never hold a briefing in.

This means this site’s owner has held just as many White House press briefings as one of Trump’s Communications Directors and press secretaries. Telling.

“I have a hunch … this might be Ivanka’s next step for her bid for the White House,” Ms. Wolkoff added. “Having Stephanie Grisham do a little dirty work on Melania.

Ivanka will never be president. Ever. Ivanka will never be in the United States Senate. Ever. Have these people ever heard Ivanka speak? No, we are not talking about the coquettish Disney Princess wanting to be carried to bed, we are talking about public speaking on policy matters. She does not come across as someone able to lead, to motivate, someone with ideas people want to hear, primarily because she has never thought of herself as a leader. She follows dad around. Don Jr. certainly does speak MAGA and sounds like he’s ready to lead the MAGAs and he’s the one we’re worried about. No, it has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with competency.

There is also the fact that getting Melania a bit dirty doesn’t seem to impact Ivanka’s chances at a White House bid one way or another. Either dad is running or not. It doesn’t matter if Melania is in prison. It will not impact Don’s decision to run or not. Only Merrick Garland can impact that decision.

Back to Stephanie Grisham: “I don’t put anything past them, really,” she said. Now she is starting to make some sense. We do put Ivanka making a serious White House run “past her.” A long long way past her.

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