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Perfection: MAGA Youth Wanting to Be Rid of Trump, Want Someone Younger

In no way do we at this site believe that simply finding a “different MAGA” makes the country safer than having Trump at the helm. They all have an example now and Trump has given them the formula. But there is something delicious in thinking about Trump hearing that at least one MAGA faction believes he’s simply too old to serve in a way they want.

According to the WaPo, reporters gathered some quotes from the most recent Young Republicans meeting hosted by Dan Crenshaw, the eye-patched former Navy SEAL, a person some of these young ones believe should take up MAGA leadership:

I love Trump — love, love Trump,” 20-year-old attendee Zerah Steltzer told the Washington Post. “But I think he’s getting too old, and it’s time for someone fresh in there.”

“Trump is not a God,” conservative commentator David Rubin said while mingling with the crowd, which reportedly was made up mostly of people ages 14 to 24. “Politics has to be bigger than one specific person.”

Politics, by definition, is bigger than one person. But MAGA isn’t politics, it’s a cult, which is necessarily focused upon one person.

“If Crenshaw were to run for president, I’d have a hard time deciding between him and Trump.”

Hard pass on both.

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Trump is not a God,” said conservative commentator David Rubin, mingling with the crowd. “Politics has to be bigger than one specific person.”

He might want to check with Trump about that God part.

And so, here came a parade of other specific people. People such as occasional Trump critic Shapiro, former Fox News personality Megyn Kelly, the psychologist and self-help author Jordan B. Peterson (via video), and a slate of speakers that did not include Trump or anyone in his family.

Well, good luck. Young Republicans may be the most enthusiastic, and furthest to the right. But they are not the ones that have the money to change the politicians’ stance on turning away from Trump. Indeed, it’s not going to happen until it’s clear that Trump is finished. But hearing this news from the Washington Post, will drive Trump crazy.

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