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Trump is Now Ridiculously Claiming That Obama Probably Stole the 2012 Election

Former President Donald Trump returned to the rally stage in Georgia Saturday night, where he continued to belabor his “election fraud” lies all over again. Like his racist birtherism conspiracy theory revolving around former President Barack Obama, which he dragged out for at least five (or more years) beginning in 2011, his ongoing hysterics over the “stolen election” are much ado about nothing.

But as Raw Story notes, Trump excels at making something out of nothing.

Reporting on Trump’s birtherism nonsense in 2016, The New York Times characterized it as “a remarkable campaign of relentless deception that tried to undermine the legitimacy of the nation’s first Black president.”

That’s Trump for you. He’ll stop at nothing, including deception, to achieve his goals.

“He nurtured the conspiracy like a poisonous flower, watering and feeding it with an ardor that still baffles and embarrasses many around him,” the Times noted. “Much has been made of Mr. Trump’s casual elasticity with the truth; he has exhausted an army of fact-checkers with his mischaracterizations, exaggerations and fabrications. But this lie was different from the start, an insidious, calculated calumny that sought to undo the embrace of an African-American president by the 69 million voters who elected him in 2008.”

At his Georgia rally, he beat the conspiracy dead horse all over again, trying to inflate his “Big Lie” about election fraud and bragging about the “75 million” people who voted for him, even though this has been fact-checked scores of times. Each of these fact-checks serves to remind him that 74,223,369 votes he actually received round down to 74 million.

But he blathers on, completely undaunted by the facts.

“But you know what that is? That’s 75 million people, but it’s really much more than that,” he said. “Much, much more than that.”

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Unsurprisingly, Trump remains fact-free.

“And that’s the largest vote — by far — ever gotten by a sitting president,” Trump said. It’s worth rememebering here that Biden eclipsed him by 7,059,547 votes.

“And most presidents go down in the second term, even if they win, they go down,” he said. Even though, according to Raw Story, the last GOP presidents to be reelected actually increased their total number of votes by 10 million each during their reelection.

This didn’t deter Trump (are you even surprised?)

“Obama went down, way down, but he won,” Trump continued. “Well I don’t know, maybe he won, who the hell knows if he won? Nowadays, with these elections, who the hell knows if they won.”

So here we are, 10 months after an election that President Joe Biden won decisively, and Trump is still licking his wounds.

You can watch Trump in action below.

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